Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fluffy Bunny Sweeps the Country

Now I wasn’t going to keep harping on this. At least not until crazy Ed goes away too. But when Glenn Beck began his show last night holding a fuzzy bunny and speaking fuzzy bunny thoughts, I wondered, “Could this be merely coincidence?”

I think not:

No! No, Glenn. Bad Glenn.

Okay, good Glenn. That's more like it.

Glenn's bunny isn't quite as fluffy as what I had in mind. That must be why his thoughts went awry toward the end. Not fluffy enough.

I was thinking more like...

Or, if you prefer (more in keeping with the theme), Barbaric Bunny:

Or Ninja Bunny:

Biiiiiig Bunny:

The Bunny Revolution continues to sweep the country. Think like the Bunny. Be the Bunny. Preferably a Fluffy Bunny.

(Don't worry, we shall resume our regularly scheduled programming shortly...)

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