Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project Part One

So here's part one of a year-long project. Well, not really. I haven't exactly been working on it non-stop. It turned into a "project to do in my spare time" endeavor and there hasn't been a whole lot of spare time this past year.

I basically just went and downloaded all of the emails from the Todd/MSNBC email dump, the one where the media termed the First Dude the "shadow governor." Then I read all of them. Then I went back and separated them out into different categories and broke them down from there.

Here's the most boring category: "Flight Information." It's basically just emails detailing (you guessed it) flight information for Todd and others. Other emails had flight info in them, but these are pretty much just strictly flight info (heh, like I said only other dorks like me will care about this stuff). You can download it here. The folder includes the emails in the category and a document breaking them down.

BTW, Erika Fagerstrom was kind of like the house manager for the Governor's mansion in Juneau. You can see her here.

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