Monday, March 28, 2011

Malia Litman Thinks Someone (Palin) Paid Me to Make a Video

This is hilarious.

Check it out:

These videos demonstrate the fraud that was intentionally created and promoted by the Palin.

This Video, “Happy Anniversary Todd and Sarah” demonstrated the attempt to create the impression of a perfect couple. I guess that “fire in her belly to serve Alaska” burned out??!!!

These videos reveal the original impression created by the National Enquirer Story that was quashed by the fraudulent and misleading Press Release of the APD.

I'm not sure what she's trying to say here. "Palin" is kinda left hanging. Did she mean "Palin supporters" (she'd probably say "cult") or "the Palins"? Or maybe there's a strange creature known as "the Palin" that I just don't know about.

However, from the comments, I'm thinking she meant the Palins themselves were behind it:


I made that video, what, two years ago? Almost. The Palin's anniversary was coming up and someone in the comments at C4P said that someone should make a video with "You're Still the One" as the music bed. I thought it was a good idea, and this was my attempt:

If Palin paid for that she should get her money back. Saaaappy. Still, I like it. Of course there are some things I would change now. Never completely satisfied with a project. There's also a link right to this blog in the video description. Wouldn't have taken that much detective work to figure out where it came from.

But in Malia's brain, a fan video (made by me) was all part of Palin's evil plan to make it look like she has a happy marriage, when in reality, she and Todd hate each other!!!!

For the record, the video cost nothing. All it took was a song, a Google image search, and Windows Movie Maker. But I certainly wouldn't turn down a few bucks. C'mon Sarah, where's my check? ;-)

This is my reward:

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