Sunday, December 13, 2009

SP Video Sunday - UPDATED

The above pics are from an event at the Governor's mansion earlier this year. These and more are at Team Sarah here. Just keep clicking "Next" on the page to see more. The woman to Sarah's right in the above pic is one of her staffers. Others appear to be Alaska Natives who may be dropping by for a visit, or they could be part of her rural subcabinet.

A couple of random older vids:

A cool tribute by Piper4444205

And video of Palin's book signing at the military base in Alaska today is here.


Hooi Soon said...

What is the background to the top pic where Sarah is carrying Trig and shown together with two Asians? Where and who are they? Thanks. hooi

Uffda said...


This was back early this year at some kind of event at the Governor's mansion. I found these pics on Team Sarah. I updated the post with a link.