Monday, December 14, 2009

To the Underground and Back

I survived. Another trip to the underbelly of the internet and back, and some fresh new tidbits to show for it.

Rumor Mills:

Some are busting a blood vessel about Meg Stapleton. They're all wondering where she is. (Gasp!) Is she bailing on Sarah?

Well, it's true that she hasn't been seen on the book tour, but she has been quoted in articles recently speaking on Sarah's behalf. The answer may be something quite simple: Meg had a baby recently. She probably wants to stick close to home for awhile. This is all speculation, of course, but that's my best guess.

They're also going crazy with the idea that Meg is depressed, or that someone close to Palin was or is depressed. I have no idea, but if I were to guess, I'd say it would be Kris Perry who was served an ethics complaint while standing at the death bed of a relative earlier this year.

Hmmmm... Tank Jones was on Dan Fagan's show. I haven't listened to it, but you can download the conversation here. It's hour 3. Why you would want to torture yourself, I don't know, but maybe you're morbidly curious like me.

Anyway, he says that Levi's putting whatever incriminating dirt he supposedly has on Palin in the book. I say, "Bring it on." Lay it all out there, buddy. If you're going to be a Scumbag, go full throttle Scum!

The question is, will I read the book or not? Should I keep my distance and my sanity, or give the Douchebag a few bucks and give into my morbid curiosity? That is the question.

Now, on to the pictures. Here's the Elmendorf book-signing:

And the latest look at the Palin's new house:

So much for that whole movin' to Montana thing:)


Anonymous said...

Ewwww... why are you using Zaki photos? That dude is Griffins child rape buddy.

Uffda said...

Ha! I posted them here so nobody else would have to go to their websites to get them.