Monday, February 22, 2010

Iron Dog Update - UPDATED

Tracey Porreca has a cool account of the Iron Dog and a link to some pics of this year's race start. Palin/Davis team from this year pictured above.

There was some concern that Scott Davis had crashed and hurt his back. You can follow some of the concern here, on Eddie Burke's Twitter:

I have rode w/ scott davis many times and hes the best! been doing it since he was kid! motocross too. hes tough and will make it if he can.

it appears frm my exp running the race that Todd and Scott are @ Puntilla lk..takin layovr ..leaders are pushing to McGrath for layovr

it all jives now! scott crash on river.prob lots ice heavs! sleeping in Puntilla lk to rest and push fwd n morning>. hopefully???

they went to Puntilla lk then machines are ok! scott is prob sore, but still pressing forward.. scotts tough he will make it.

IronDog Fb comment: Looks like it was Davis's handlebar that was damaged. Crashed going into Skwentna.
As far as anyone knows, Team 22 is taking a layover in Puntilla and will hopefully be back on the trail in the morning.

According to the Frontiersman, conditions are bad this year. While it's dumping snow in Washington D.C., it's all melty up in Alaska. More dirt in some places than snow. This year, it's about getting across the finish line in one piece.


You've probably heard by now that the Davis/Palin team scratched. Apparently, Davis got roughed up a bit and the snowmachine got roughed up even more. Major Bummer. These guys train all winter for this race. But, it's better to rest and heal and come back next year than to screw something up permanently.

Apparently, a few teams are having to scratch, with probably more to come. Conditions are just not good this year.

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