Friday, February 26, 2010

Levi Ordered to Pay Up (and Rex Butler is a PDSing Scumbag)

TMZ broke the story that Levi has to pay retroactive child support and interim child support. Court date for determining final child support is in September.

Different news outlets give you different amounts. According to TMZ, it's $1,688 per month retroactive to December 27, which would equal around $20,000, by my calculations. But TMZ says Levi has to pay back nearly $18,000. Levi's lawyer, on the other hand, tells ABC that the back child support is going to come to between 10 and 13 thousand.


Anyway, we know that he'll have to pay retroactive and interim child support. The most common figure I've seen is $18,500. Not that it matters; I just found it odd.

This came on the heels of a hearing where the judge set the September date. Bristol was at the hearing. Levi was not. Apparently, his lawyer told him it wasn't important and he didn't have to show up. The judge didn't think that was very cool.

Bristol's lawyer told RadarOnline -
She still has both physical and legal custody of their son although she has been working with Levi so that he can see him on Saturdays. The pair are communicating via text and e-mail and are deciding to put their son first – we are actively working with Levi’s lawyer to get a more regular schedule set-up and we hope to have everything in place before the next court date on September 23, 2010.

The payments amount to around $18,000 and date back to when their son was born and Levi will be paying around $1600 a month in on-going child support payments.

It should take us around two weeks to subpoena his commercial earnings after the judge granted this to us today. Bristol just wants to get on with her life as this point and is determined to raise her son in a positive and loving fashion – all parties are working together at this point.
So, Van Flein says it's around $18,000 too. One of the two lawyers apparently doesn't know how to use a calculator.

What burns my butt is this line Butler told ABC when asked about Bristol's guest appearance on tv:
"We are glad to see that she got some work. This will mean she has some income and will be more independent of her mother, and that's a good thing. And this could change some things between her and Levi."
Um, you are aware, Mr. Butler that Bristol actually has a job? Right? Has for some time now. And you are aware that your client does not have steady employment, at least not to my knowledge?

And you just can't stop yourself from slamming Sarah Palin can you? Just can't help yourself. If there's anyone who's been drawing out the tensions among the parties involved, my money says it's you. I think it's pretty clear who Levi contracted his PDS from.

What a.... well, go nuts.


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