Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Meg Stapleton is a class act and one of the best people I've ever worked with. She's smart, funny, dedicated, and selfless to a fault." - Rebecca Mansour

(sniff, sniff) Meg Stapleton is leaving. (sniff, sniff) It just won't be the same without Meg.

Ah, just kidding. Kind of...

Meg had her little girl Isabella while Sarah was Governor. Ever since then, it's been full throttle and now, warp speed. And being the Governor's spokesperson isn't like being the Governor herself. The daughter can't really travel with her. So Meg's stepping aside to spend time with her little girl, and I say, good for her.

Someone really should put together a "best-of" of Meg. Someone really should. (sigh) I've got ten irons in the fire. I should probably get a few of those taken care of first. In the meantime, here's a string of my favorite vids. She's also done some great radio interviews, but this post would be really, really long if I posted those too:

And here is my personal favorite, Meg smokes the incredibly annoying Alaskan lawmaker Gara on Troopergate:

Enjoy your time off Meg. You earned it. You did good.

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