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Techno: Why They Hate Her

The following was written by "techno" on the threads of C4P:

This revelation by Frank Luntz is stunning but not surprising. So let me down detail the reasons why Palin is hated so vehemently by Obama voters, the Far Left, the Obama administration, and its allies:

1) Before getting specific just look at these poll numbers now for the Messiah. Honestly and objectively, say Sarah Palin was never born (George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life) and you know what you know about what has transpired over the past 13 months since Obama's inauguration and how weak or mild generally the GOP opposition has been to Obama (poll was taken before summit) do you really think Obama would be sitting now at 44% job approval?

My answer: Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts would have kept Obama just under 50% but I really think Sarah Palin sent his numbers further into the tank. I believe the GOP as a party had little to do with Obama's fall from grace. The GOP is now jumping on the bandwagon of "I want him to fail."

2) The animosity, antagonism, and antipathy towards Palin began imho on Sept. 3, 2008 when Palin figuratively gutted and mocked the Messiah in her convention speech. In the minds of Obama's supporters Obama is a historical POTUS and a Messiah, akin to Mohammed, the Pope, Hitler, or Castro. Nobody is allowed to make him the object of ridicule, especially a woman who does not deserve to be in the same room as 'the Anointed One'. For that alone she must be destroyed, leaving politics out of it.

Remember how much Charlie Chaplin was hated by the Nazis when he made The Great Dictator in 1940 mocking Hitler. And to add insult to injury for about 10 days after the end of the GOP convention Palin helped to catapult McCain to the lead in the polls until the Lehman Bros. bankruptcy ended that.

3) And this hatred was intensified during the debate with Biden where Palin again destroyed Obama's narrative (the MSM limited the damage by awarding the debate to Biden), accused Obama of 'palling around with terrorists, implied he was a socialist and basically like the convention took Obama's agenda apart and exposed how untoward and radical it was.

That Obama did not win in a landslide was due to Palin (although some on the Left still try to assert she was the reason McCain lost)-53 to 46%-28 states to 22 states and most pundits on both sides of the aisle now agree that with the financial meltdown and the hatred of George Bush, without Palin McCain would have been lucky to get 40% of the vote, with Obama getting about 58% and yes blowing McCain-Palin out.

4) As for women on the Far Left it is quite simple. They hate Palin for being pro-life and not including an exception for rape or incest and for having Trig. If there is one issue that American feminists had a handle on it was abortion. Since Palin has come onto the national political scene there have been polls that show that fewer Americans now call themselves pro-choice and that not only strikes at the heart of the Left's narrative of abortion of demand but also to the financial abortion industry itself.

We're talking here about billions of dollars that could be lost to the purveyors of infant extermination and to the Democratic party in the way of donations. And we're not talking here just America. Whatever happens in America could soon filter to the entire world. For the abortion industry alone Sarah Palin must not be elected POTUS.

5) The Far Left invested a huge amount of resources in Alaska to politically kill her off in the first half of last year with the use of Alinsky tactics and tactics from Thumpin'. That she survived by resigning from office is a source of great bitterness and frustration to the Left that they couldn't do the job. And as you know bitterness and frustration leads to anger and with the hatred and loathing already established and entrenched it just intensified even more after the resignation and the knowledge that Palin now had free rein to come after Obama with both barrels of the gun, no longer restricted by being Governor of Alaska.

Oh by the way, Palin's high profile rejection of the stimulus money in February and March last year just threw more gasoline on the fire as far the Far Left was concerned.

6) And now we come to Palin's Facebook post on 'death panels' written on August 7th which basically turned senior citizens and later their children against Obamacare (evidenced by Obama's low standing among seniors consistently in the Econ/youguv polls since the middle of summer); even though the Far Left denied there were death panels in Obamacare and thus denied Palin's role in the debate, the simple fact is that as I write this on Feb. 27th Obamacare has not passed yet and may never pass.

And as Sean Hannity said on his program today, Palin's coining of the phrase 'death panels' changed the tone of the debate; even though bills have passed both the House and the Senate, Obama is seen to be weakened greatly by the delay in Obamacare's passage and the Far Left pretty well blames one person for this potential debacle: Sarah Palin.

7) And we now come to global warming and climate change in which she destroyed man-made global warming, calling it snake-oil science, criticized Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore and the gurus of climate change and appears to have caused cap and trade to be now put on the back burner until after the 2010 midterms according to word last week from a couple of Democratic Senators.

In addition Palin has attacked Obama's energy policy and exposed the folly of not drilling and instead relying on 'green sources of energy'. Palin is right in Obama's face and the Far Left doesn't like it one bit. They blame her solely for his failed presidency, although they won't admit it so as to give her credit.

8) And they blame her for emboldening the GOP members of Congress to oppose Obamacare and to take a more active role in opposing massive increases in the deficit, even if their general demeanor in front of the MSM is too milquetoast for my taste.

9) And now on Feb 7th there was her nationwide speech on several cable networks taking apart Obama's foreign policy and again mocking Obama by asking, "How's that hopey-changey working out for you?" And of course there was here prediction on Feb 8th on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace that Obama would not be re-elected if he did not change and listen to the people.

10) And now Palin has expressed intentions to campaign for GOP congressional candidates in the 2010 midterms. This one woman wrecking crew not only has gutted Obama, she is now intending on destroying the Democratic party and influence of the Far Left as well. Is there any wonder she is public enemy #1?

11) And to go back a step without Palin and Rush Limbaugh, it is my opinion that the Tea Party movement would not have had as great an impact on the political landscape as it has up to now. I know the TP movement does not have a leader, but when you have superstar Sarah Palin articulating what you stand for on national TV, you will certainly gain a higher standing in the arena of ideas than if you did not have any one person to focus on. Quite simply, Sarah Palin legitimizes the TP movement among conservatives and conservative Republicans. And the TP movement is a thorn in Obama's side.

12) There are probably many more reasons why the Far Left loathes Palin, but let me finish up with a key reason they 'would like to burn her at the stake'. She believes in God, Jesus, prays every day and wears her religion on her sleeve in an unabashed fashion. Atheists and secular humanists just can't stand her.

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