Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Am I?

By Techno of C4P:

Who am I?

I am a man, who has worked hard all my life, was raised in the outdoors, learned to hunt and fish at an early age and am currently a lifetime member of the NRA.

I have been a small businessperson and an entrepreneur and understand what it takes to run a business and succeed.

My hero was Ronald Reagan and I consider myself to be cut from the same cloth as out 40th President of the United States. Some people call me a Reagan conservative.

I believe in fiscal responsibility, balancing budgets, low taxes and not incurring massive debts and have never broken faith.

I believe in a strong military defense and supporting our military in achieving victory as the only end.

I am a strong social conservative: pro-life, anti-gay marriage, strong families, belief in God and the natural rights of man.

I believe in a strict adherence to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, including the 10th Amendment.

I was an executive administrator as a mayor, head of a regulatory board and governor for over 12 years.

Under my administration I was responsible for the launching of the largest private sector project in the history of America.

To not to boast but I have the necessary charisma, fundraising and vote-getting ability, and eloquence to be a highly touted candidate for the presidency.

I always speak before SRO audiences.

I am young, enthusiastic and energetic.

I once ran for Vice-President.

If Obamacare goes down, my comment on 'death panels' will have led to its death knell.

I am the #1 nemesis of Obama and his radical socialist agenda.

Objectively, a candidate of such impeccable credentials and qualifications should be instantly embraced throughout the land, a candidate of this quality is a rara avis, that appears perhaps once every generation, if that.

But change one word in the resume, the word man to woman, and this person becomes the bane of the GOP and conservative movement, becomes the most vilified person in America, and is deemed unelectable.

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