Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hillbuzz: Sarah the Liberal Slayer

"One woman, in her generation, called to stand up to the forces of chaos and destruction..."

By the Boyz of Hillbuzz:

The Slayer Comeths.

Here’s a blurb from a reader, lifted from The Hill:

From the Hill:

The Vichy Republicans: Striving for mediocrity …
By Bernie Quigley – 03/02/10 06:55 AM ET

The New York Times’s venomous and possibly deranged Frank Rich, who associated Sarah Palin with terrorism in his Sunday column this week, borrows from his previous archrival George Will in the claim that the White She Devil is a critter from hell and anyway, she will never be elected.

While Letterman is suddenly hugging up to Mitt Romney as his alter ego in L.A., Jay Leno restarts again on a positive note with a visit by the White She Devil, the Wolf Girl Incarnate, the Slayer, the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. But what is most telling comes up in Texas in the middle, where the Romney team, including Cheney, H.R. Bush, Boy George’s proxy Karen Hughes and Karl Rove, has lined up to take out Perry in his primary race against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. White She Devil supports Perry.

Interesting that key liberal opinion makers Rich and Letterman seek and find traditional enemies Romney and Will to face down that force of nature which is Sarah Palin. No surprise, but troubling, as it was David Letterman who first institutionalized disgrace and slander and character assassination of the most odious and un-American and probably libelous sort in referring to the vice presidential candidate as “a slut” and suggesting her underage daughter was raped between innings at a baseball game.

Romney and Will must recognize that they are understood and utilized here as expedients and weaklings willing to appease and be used by their extremist and very erratic liberal hosts as proxies in opposition to their own team; presumably their own kind. Like Leval and Petain. Call these now the Vichy Republicans.

Perry’s victory tomorrow will be overwhelming, with Gov. Palin’s endorsement, and Perry and Palin will bring a new face to American politics. In an innovative turn, Perry has refused endorsements of the mainstream newspapers, tools of tools like Will, Letterman and Rich, the mainstream mediocrity which is the two dominant parties and their fawning MSM acolytes, pulling out all the stakes now to defeat Perry and Palin.

But a harbinger of Democratic future is seen in the campaign video of Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in his primary challenge against Sen. Blanche Lincoln. As images fade to black, it can’t go unnoticed that Halter exits scene getting into a pickup truck.

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You know, it didn’t occur to us until reading this, but Sarah Heath Palin really is THE SLAYER.

One woman, in her generation, called to stand up to the forces of chaos and destruction and save this country from the terrible fate the Left plots for it.

What’s interesting is that Palin is being attacked by the Left with full-force, but is also being attacked by the “Vichy Repulicans”, oh they of the milquetoast, cucumber and mayonnaise Wonderbread sandwiches, with their burning desire for mediocrity and perpetual love of losing national elections.

Sarah Palin scares the living Hellmann’s out of these people.

We kind of love that.

If you love it, too, then you need to help us form a Scooby Gang to support Palin, our Slayer, and give her the backup she needs to save not just Sunnydale, but the whole country as we know it.

We’re going to see her again in April, so we’ll tell her all this ourselves in person, but when Sarah Palin announces her presidential run, we plan on being all-in for her. To do that successfully, we need to start laying the foundation and doing the prep work now…because both the MSM and DNC elite colluded to destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential run in 2008. Now, it seems the MSM and RNC elite are joining forces to do the same thing to Sarah Palin in 2012.

We can’t let this happen to another woman.

Not on our watch.

Not to The Slayer.

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