Monday, April 12, 2010

RobRoy Meets Sarah Palin

RobRoy shared his meeting with Sarah Palin on a Free Republic comment thread. The following are his comments and his replies to some others:

My wife and I met Sarah the night before last. The three of us had a great discussion of life, kids, politics, etc. for a little under 45 minutes.

She is so personable that almost instantly I felt like I was talking to an old friend. And it just got better from there.

It was so weird. I saw my wife standing in the doorway to a medium sized conference room and she said, “would you like to meet Sarah Palin? I walked through the doorway and there she was! She got up and introduced herself as we shook hands and we just started talking about stuff. In the conversation she got a text from Sean Hannity and we were cracking up about it.

What was weird is, and I cannot emphasize this enough, it was like starting a conversation with someone while you wait in line for a movie or something, and the give and take just went on and on and got more and more interesting, and then you exchange info as the movie doors open.

She mentioned a lot of stuff about the campaign that was fascinating, but there is no way I would share it. Not that it is “secret stuff”, but it is stuff that, if they want the general public to know, they’ll share publicly.

>>She’s just as genuine and sweet in person as we think she is, isn’t she?<<

More so. Seriously. I swear that we could have gone home and she and Mrs. Robroy could have baked an incredible salmon dinner (while I tossed the salad) while we all talked about international politics and our country’s internal problems and solutions - and grandkids.

I am not trying to get into details, but I’ve been around a lot of famous people and there are only two others that I could call that sincerely friendly. Some are friendly in a “let’s be nice and sound ‘interested’ to the little people” sort of way. She was simply gregarious. She asked the typical questions, but also answered questions.

At one point I had a senior moment and lost track of what I was talking about. She backtracked the conversation to put me back on track. That one thing was very telling. All I am really trying to say is, she seems genuinely nice and sincere, with not a hint of saccharin.

Even if she were a “nobody”, she exudes a quality that would cause you to think she would still be a great friend, and someone you could trust on a personal level.

>>Hey Rob, I hope you told her that she’s got a very strong, very dedicated following on this forum and that we’re going to the mat for her.<<

Interesting you brought that up. That is exactly what I told her. I also told her that I did not care whether or not she ran for President in 2012 because she has made it clear that she can make a difference in or out of office. I also mentioned that being in office could actually bind her a bit. She had a lot of responses to those remarks, all of which I enjoyed a great deal, but that is as far as I comfortably can go discussing her side of the conversation, if you get my drift.

Mrs. Robroy and I both really liked her. One thing she said that I feel I can say: She appreciated and strongly encouraged the activity, regarding those of us on the internet. The internet is the new “water cooler” (my words).

>>A leader<<

Exactly. She has the qualities. It is quite clear when you meet her.

>>Okay, that part about not caring if she ran for Pres. or not... Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! Care! Care!<<

I used it as a conversation starter. ;) I really wish I could share her response. I will say I loved her general thought process on the issue. Loved it! Mrs. Robroy and I have been married 12 years. I’m anxious to see if anything changes if the honeymoon phase ever ends. She is the most incredible woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet. No offense to Sarah. She’s nice too. :)

Just one thing, dude, now I'm curious. Now I really want to know all of that "secret" stuff. Ugh! ;)

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