Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tina Fey was on SNL last night.

My thoughts?

Well, to be honest I thought it was kinda funny. But not "rolling in the aisles" funny. More like, "light chuckle" funny.

The only parts I didn't really care for were the Bristol shots, but they weren't nearly as bad as some I've seen. And Bristol has chosen to put herself out there. That's not an excuse to be downright nasty, but I didn't think the jokes were nasty. I cringed for a second, but I wasn't left with a seething anger.

What I don't understand is why some Palin people are critizing it. Okay, yeah, it's fun to take potshots at Tina Fey because, well, among other things she cannot pull off that leather jacket, but I for one am just thankful for a comedy routine that was halfway human.

I appreciate the opinion of folks like Hillbuzz:

This all irks us because of how nice the Palins have always been towards Fey. When the Governor graciously appeared on the show few realize remains on the air, Palin met Fey and was very kind to her.

It was Fey’s birthday (60th, we think), and she was complaining about having a baby and not being able to hit the town and get sloppy drunk and wake up in cabs with strangers as she’s wont to do on a Saturday night after the show, so Palin volunteered young Willow to babysit Fey’s child for her — because the Governor knew that in that scenario, at least the little tyke would be in good responsible hands, for at least one evening that week.

Fey made fun of this on talk shows later.

“Can you believe that? She just volunteered her daughter to babysit, Willow or whoever, and she said she would love to do it. Who are these people? Where’s my scotch?”.

Of course Willow would have been thrilled to babysit. Piper would have helped. Lil’ Trig would have kept baby Fey company and been a play pal. If Track was home from the Army, he would have cleaned out Fey’s gutters and helped her put up storm windows. Bristol would have probably cooked a half dozen casseroles and froze them in Fey’s kitchen so that her family would have good, nutritious food to eat for at least a week or two while Fey continued to be herself and got up to whatever it is she does with her time when the Palins aren’t around to assist her.

So, continue to make fun of the most decent American family we’ve seen in a while, Lefties.

I'm pretty sure it was Bristol that was volunteered to do the babysitting, but oh, well.

It could irk me too, but I guess I'm picking my battles. I'll let this one slide.

The Governor is a public figure. As such, she is comedic fair game. I have no problem with the comedy so long as it stays within the bounds of simple human decency. And I think that the Governor would concur. You can poke fun without suggesting that you want to push Sarah Palin down the stairs, and I thought we saw that last night.

The most legitimate gripe is probably the comedic double standard. Come on, can you imagine if Palin had said "corpseman"?

The jokes were not as biting as they could have been, but I'm not complaining! That's good news, isn't it?

So yeah, I could launch into a tirade about how the jokes were kind of stale, etc... But why? I'm just thankful SNL didn't wish Palin dead. Kinda sad that it's come to that...

Oh, and, I gotta say, I thought the Michael Steele shot was funny.


Bill589 said...

I may watch SNL again, but Tina Fey appears so shallow and mean, I can’t get past it with any show she’s in. Too bad. Sometimes I hate when entertainers voice their political view.

Uffda said...

I never watch it. :)

I just think she looks horrible in that jacket. Eeesh!