Saturday, May 8, 2010

Arizona and American T-shirts

On the Arizona law:

And the American t-shirt dust-up:

What they said.

And there are some interesting comments here:

"I live in Phoenix and all the legal Hispanics I know are in full support of this bill. One of them told me last night he was at the capital protesting the protesters. The media wanted nothing to do with him."

"I too know many Hispanics that are tired of tolerating the illegals. They have run down their neighborhoods and then get lumped in with the aliens. Pisses them off."

"I have elderly family members that live in the Sonoran desert in Arizona. Sometimes during the day they have to retreat into their home because the illegals run thru the arroyo in back of their house, stealing the fruit from their trees on their way up from the border. My relatives feel they are under seige. Places where they used to go and shop and have dinner are now off limits to them. Their world is getting smaller. It is to our everlasting shame that Janet Napolitano, director of Homeland Security and former Governor of Arizona has not been tarred and feathered by now."

"I know some recent legal immigrants who are proud of the work they went through to become citizens. They learned our language, they studied our system of government, they took the test and passed, and they DO NOT WANT amnesty for those who won't go to the back of the line and make the same effort they did. I welcome our new citizens, like this babe woman."

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