Monday, May 3, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

Time for you to Alaska!

As you probably know, Lefties with nothing better to do than harrass people have taken it upon themselves to circulate an online petition in the hopes of getting Discovery to drop the Sarah Palin's Alaska series.

Don't you just love how tolerant they are of everyone's opinions?

Considering the fact that the petition itself just demonstrates to Discovery that people are interested and will therefore most likely watch the series, I doubt highly that it will have any impact. Not to mention that Discovery has most likely already sunk money into it.

However, it is important that both sides of the aisle be heard. Discovery should also hear from those who support this project.

Therefore, I am asking you to sign this petition. Do it as a way of thanking Discovery for picking up the series and to demonstrate to them that you support it and will watch it. It is important that we fight back against the Gestapos who would try to tell Sarah to sit down and shut up. It's free and easy. It'll take you 20 seconds, tops. Just scroll down and enter your name and e-mail. You can choose to not show your name online if you wish.

Thank you.

Man, now I really want to go to Alaska. :)


DEO said...

$arah, MISS NATURE, is now shilling for the oil companies that have left devestation for generations....she doesn't know WHEN TO SHUT UP.
Her solution: PRAYER. The woman who wants to be the leader of the free world says, back the drilling and pray.

hrh said...

Great Vid, Barbarian. I reposted on my blog. ;)

Ignore Deo, who's manifestly uninformed.

Uffda said...

Ah, yes, Deo. LOL!

And they call us the idiots.

Thanks hrh.