Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Going Rogue, Page Eleven

Gonna get a little spiritual on you this morning, but it's fitting seeing as tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer.

Palin tweets:
Nat'l Day of Prayer tomorrow."America needs God more than God needs America. If we're not nation under God we'll be nation gone under"-Reagan
It always cracks me up how people think that Palin's a religious nut. Ronald Reagan said far more "radical" religious things than Palin has ever said. I saw a comment on an old ADN article the other day back from when Sarah became Governor. It basically said that Alaska should get ready, because she was going to turn it into some kind of Christian gulag or something.

See? The fear that runs rampant in liberals holes like the Huffington Post these days isn't new. History repeats itself.

By the way, last time I checked, Alaska is still one of the most irreligious states in the country. So much for that whole, "Sarah Palin's going to force us all to convert!" thing.

My very poetic fellow C4Per, Brianus Berkleianus, penned a beautiful piece this morning, and I simply must share it. It comes from Going Rogue, page eleven:

On page eleven of Going Rogue Sarah continues with her account of the character and times of her forebears. Her grandpa "CJ" is a particularly fascinating figure to me because, as we learn elsewhere from Sarah, he had a love for the Latin language! However, I would like to cite here what she says about her grandmother, Helen.

"My grandmother Helen studied at the University of Idaho, then put her talent and intelligence to work as a homemaker, raising six active kids while working for the Red Cross...She worked tirelessly. My aunts tell me she was the hardest-working housewife they ever knew; they'd come home from school to see Grandma's bloody knuckles from her reupholstering projects...She laid the foundation for volunteerism in the family."

What a beautiful testimony to a great testament!!!

What was it that our Sarah said to Chris Wallace on Super Sunday back in February, when he asked her, during his Fox News Sunday interview, what she most wanted to do for her country? As I recall, she said that first and foremost she wanted to be a good mom, and to raise happy, responsible, independent kids. This is a legacy and troth and trust passed on through the generations that is more lasting and firm and enduring than any legacy of gold and silver!!! "Gold and silver," that is, money, has a certain fecundity (though Aristotle begged to differ!); money begets money; wealth begets wealth. There is nothing wrong with a just return on one's money. We are not obama "redistribute-the-wealth" socialists here!! However, I do wonder if an even more lasting legacy was planted and set in place by Sarah's ancestors.

Let us ponder for a moment those long, long years of Grandma Helen's labors in the quiet obscurity of the citadel of a home. Let us think of the hidden, but precious to the All-Seeing Lord, labors of Sarah's other ancestors.

They patiently planted and sowed and trusted in the Lord...

They patiently planted and sowed and trusted in the Lord...

They patiently planted and sowed and trusted in the Lord...

They patiently planted and sowed and trusted in the Lord...

They patiently planted and sowed and trusted in the Lord...

Just as cat begets cat, dog begets dog, lion begets lion, and yes, dollar begets dollar, so, I believe, the obscure, hidden, silent suffering and labors of Helen, of Helen's own forebears, of Sarah's own mom, have, at length, brought forth...what...what...?

A lady marked by Heaven to be not only mom to her own kids, but Mother of Her Country.

Ah, how, I suppose, any haters on the Left who may see this will mock it and rail at it and ridicule it. However, I don't give a DAMN!!! I only want to know if this is not perhaps the truth. I think it is. There is something in Sarah's great heart, her mom's heart, that has prepared her, descending as she does from a long line of undaunted keepers of the flame of the home, to play a role parallel to that of George Washington, Father of His Country.

And here at length is the final rebuttal to the hypocrisy of some on the Left who, suddenly conceiving a concern for "family values," would bleat out, "No, no, Sarah cannot be President; she has to be at home with her kids." Yeah, right, like they care!! No, no, Sarah, I believe, has a special calling to be POTUS and mother of her country, and will best serve her own kids, and all the children of our great land, by assuming a mantle that only she can bear, because the Lord Himself, in conjunction with and in cooperation with generations of her ancestors, has woven it thread by patient thread for her, all through the lonely, dusty path of these long years. Now, at length, He is revealing it, and is preparing to place it on her strong Alaskan shoulders, in these fateful days through which we are living.

Invincible and perfect and eternal are the words and works of the Lord!!

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