Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peeping Joe

Peeping Joe....

When Sarah put out her Facebook post last night about Pathetic-Creepy-Stalker-Boy, my first reaction was to laugh my guts out. I knew these people were sad, sad, human beings. I had no idea it was this bad.

The idea of this idiot who despises the Palins and yet is obsessed with them, actually moving in next door to them so he can get a closer look....he just made himself out to be an absolute fool. He just completely and totally just destroyed his own reputation. He has now been thoroughly humiliated in front of the entire world, and rightly so. I just couldn't get over the patheticness and I had to laugh at it.

Then I started thinking about the Palin's side of it. Man alive, the one place you think that you can retreat to and not have to deal with the creeps of the world that hate your guts, the one place where you can "let your hair down" and just be yourself and enjoy some degree of normalcy has just been invaded by a guy who never met a lie about you he didn't like and who is going to be watching your every move.

What a pain. You want at least one place in the world that's away from prying eyes where you don't want to have to worry about what you look like or if someone's watching. In a world where everyone knows your name you want some privacy.

A fence would be great, but be on the lookout for any strange boats floating by....

What fascinating things will Joe uncover? Hmmmmm.

Oh, look, they're mowing the lawn!

As for his son's quote about him trying to "pick up the pieces" after Todd leaves or something, I think the kid was joking. But a tiny part of me wonders because the Underground does have a meme that Todd is "at the breaking point."

How horrible for the Palins. They've probably been looking forward to spending summer together for some time now. This is the calm before the storm of election season. Quality time to decompress and be together supposedly away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. Now this jerk has the gall to become their next-door stalker and summarily put a damper on the whole thing. Apparently they can't even have peace in their own yard.

I liked the tone of her FB post. I'm sure the Palins are very upset by this, yet the post was snarky and had humor. This avoids turning Joe into the victim. It got out ahead of Joe, but I also got the feeling that maybe she was just so frustrated by the whole thing, that she had to tell her supporters about it. And if she read the comments on that note, I'll betcha she walked away feelin' a whole lot better. A lot of those comments were laugh-out-loud funny.

What can they do? They can't kick him out. We, the public, can shame and belittle the guy, maybe boycott his publisher or something, but that's about it. I suppose they could try to buy the house, but I'm not sure how that would play.

It's easy for me to sit here far away from the situation and say like I am tempted to that the Palins shouldn't let this get to them, but I'm not in their shoes. I don't have a creepy stalker living twelve feet from my kitchen window.

So, all I can say is that I wish the Palins the best and I hope they have a great time in spite of it. Don't let the loser-stalker ruin your summer.

Good, high, soundproof, electric, barbed-wire-topped fences make good neighbors.

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MLWELZ said...

Let me tell you , this is like the sinking jealous rats at the Alaskan Conspiracy site called BREE. They had the best pictures of Sarah . They stalked her and snapped here. I blog for her so I love to add their new photos with my commentary.
Governor Palin , the Republican Conservative, America can not get enough of.