Saturday, July 24, 2010

CNN, Alan Colmes, and Junk

Just some random things...

Apparently, CNN is saying that someone needs to crack down on bloggers because of the Sherry Sherrod thing. Um, dudes, nobody forced news organizations to run with this stuff without checking up on it. It's your own stupid fault. And after a couple of years worth of liberals scouring the blogosphere for whatever trash they could find on the Palins, substantiated or not, this is rich.

Now, do I agree that people spreading lies blatantly should be held accountable? Yes. But all CNN is doing is passing the buck because of their own laziness. If they would apply that whole "research before you spread it" idea to all of their news coverage, including Palin, that would be great.

In other news, Weasal Zippers has a great piece on Alan Colmes:

The reason no one paid attention to Colmes being on that list is that he has no credibility or much of a listening crowd. However, there’s a mountain of evidence to establish a conspiracy by many in the media to smear Palin. Would someone please explain why The Soup on E! went to so much trouble to push in Palin jokes? Never has this dumb show presented any political viewpoint — all of a sudden there was a barrage of “Palin’s dumb” nuance. It was all over the place and the Journo-List scandal reconfirms conspiracy.

Colmes’ latest excuse: “there’s nothing wrong with it.”

The entire media establishment sets out to destroy a candidate’s reputation while covering for and diverting attention from scandals with their “selected — not elected” messiah.

The last election was stolen — if not by voter fraud (cough, cough, Minnesota elected a clown with fake votes) — then by eliminating a basic pillar of democracy: the free press.

So he was on the list — and the result: Wizbang: You stay classy Alan Colmes.

Nope, no conspiracy here. It’s always a good excuse to say, “Hey — I’m just Alan Colmes, I’m REALLY INSIGNIFICANT.”

The latest Daily Caller revelations prove that these liberals were worried that people would find the story about Trig heartwarming, which it is. And because they're lowlifes they had to do whatever to destroy that. A decent person would have left that alone because, well, it's just the decent thing to do. But these are not decent people. Must imply that she's a bad mother, must question the child's paternity, must question whether or not it's even her kid....

Anyone remember this? Rush Limbaugh said on September 4th, 2008 that Steve Schmidt had received requests from several PROMINENT, BIG NAME journalists requesting paternity (DNA) tests on Trig:

And these people want to claim that the underworld scourings of people on the JournoList had nothing to do with that? Ha!

They must destroy every piece of goodness they find. It doesn't matter how low they have to stoop, just as long as their guy wins.

Oh, let's see. What else?

Oh, the whole Bristol thing last night. Look, I'm sorry if I was too harsh. The truth is that I think Bristol is a great young woman and a great mom. I want her to be successful. And so when I see her doing things that cast her in a bad light or allowing Levi or that scumbag lawyer to say things that make them all look bad, it ticks me off. It's not because I don't like her, it's because I do. And I want to be able to trust what she says and to know that she has good intentions.

But here's the thing: we don't know the end from the beginning. Who's to say if some of this stuff that we think is bad won't turn out for good in the end? We do live in a celebrity culture. Maybe this will become a good thing. (shrug) Who knows.

As for the Kate Gosselin thing, who cares? My theory is that it's just a publicity stunt for Kate's show. Even if it is legit, hard as it may be to fathom, a lot of people like Kate's show. And TLC is the one arranging all of this stuff. Whatever.

I set up a place where people can sound off on this stupid stuff here. Predictably it attracted some anti-Palin peeps from the underground. I mean, come on, you think I don't recognize the garbage that you spew? Please. Don't even bother. I'll just delete it.

And on that note, I leave you all with this (language warning):


Bill in Baltimore said...

That's a riot on the Moon Bears, ha ha.

Bill589 said...

The other day with Kelly, Colmes lost the last vestiges of respect I once had for him.

About Bristol, I want to say, if anybody can turn a negative into a positive, it’s Sarah. I just don’t trust Levi. Especially if they ever split. He’ll be offered millions for Palin information or even a book deal, and I think he would even sell his soul for a lot less.

I don’t watch shows like Kate plus 8. It doesn’t sound like a good idea for Sarah, and I’m sure enemies will attack her about it, but we’ll see what’s true. I’m finally learning to trust Sarah, which saves me a lot of money on antacids.

Kelsey said...

Pour me a shot of Pepto. ;)

Ya know, the main reason I had a problem with Levi trying to be all Ricky Hollywood is because he was doing it by trashing his kid's family. And, let's face it, he has zero talent.

I had the craziest thought yesterday. What if this whole music video thing turned out really well (by music video standards)? What if (crazy, I know) Levi's celebrity thing actually took off and Palin found herself as the mother-in-law of a teen heartthrob?

I know, I know, I'm on crack.

Bill589 said...

It might not be that crazy. My wife says he’s handsome. (I can’t tell about guys.)
Some good-lookers get by on minimal talent. But I don’t know. I think I’ll be happiest if Bristol, Levi, and Tripp live a quiet life until at least 2020. (After Sarah’s eight years as President.)

PS - Stay off the hard stuff, I don't mean the Pepto, the other hard stuff.