Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Vote is a Vote

This reminds me of the socialist who said he'd vote for Sarah Palin because he interpreted her record as being more socialist than Obama's.

He was wrong on that, but far be it from me to discourage a vote for Sarah Palin, whatever the motivation behind it.

Even Paul Jenkins in an editorial published by the canary-cage-worthy ADN has to admit that if it's Obama vs. Palin...he's gonna have to go for Palin:

If the presidential election were today and Sarah Palin somehow topped the Republican ticket, and even if she were joined in the race by an orangutan named Bob, and they were facing Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden -- or an idiot to be named later -- I would be forced to vote for her. Yeah, that's right. Vote -- for her. Sarah Palin. And Bob.

Embracing that reality makes me want to shower, and it is an acknowledgment that our political system has imploded. I'm the proud owner of a "Hater" T-shirt, for crying out loud, but the future is increasingly clear. If this nation is subjected to another four years of Obama's lunacy, it likely is finished, kaput, toasted.

How could you? some will ask. She's nuts and you are mean to her, they'll say. I'm not arguing with any of that. OK, so the lovely Sarah P. occasionally gets flabbergasted and speaks in tongues and jibberjabbers on Facebook and even makes up words such as "refudiated" or "misunderestimate"; how much damage can she possibly do in the White House? There would be people to watch her and keep the witch doctors away, and nobody in his right mind would even think of giving her the red-button thingy. She could do the State of the State on Twitter -- "Wow! Doing great, America. Pls rejoice. Hey, can see Wal-Mart from here." -- and save lots of valuable TV time.

She could issue long, convoluted missives about momma grizzlies and papa grizzlies and baby grizzlies through a phalanx of spokesboobs. It would be like when she was governor. It came to me during an epiphany triggered by a bag of jelly doughnuts that the lovely Sarah P. might be ''The One.''

And to think one of my fave Sarah interviews was given to the ADN after the election.

It's not the most ringing endorsement in the world, but I'll take it. Like Tammy Bruce says, "I don't really care why you vote for her. Just vote for the d*** woman!"

This is a clip taken from right after Sarah Palin won the gubernatorial race in Alaska. Note who Mark says was "vicious." Methinks history will repeat itself:

Palin/Bob 2012! Better than what we got now!

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moon816 said...

Lol i like that state of the state via twitter! anyway you're right uffda a vote is a vote, we'll take! i hope lots more of this will be written or said. oh i can't wait to see her in the white house with todd and their family.I think she's gonna be one of the best President because she doesn't give a crap what other politicians, pundits thinks of her!