Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glenn Beck Takes on the HuffPo

Glenn Beck challenged the HuffPo's idea that the only reason people like Sarah Palin is because of her Mama Grizzly symbolism on his radio show yesterday:

Two things:

1. Mama Grizzlies

Apparently, the Mama Grizzly image is not to Glenn's liking. He is certainly in the minority on that one, but I guess that's his prerogative. His point is that people don't like Palin just because of a catch phrase or a symbol.

He likes her because she's real, because of her record, and (shock!) because of her policy positions. Glenn is one of the few to actually talk about her record as opposed to the latest tabloid controversies:

2. The Gulf

This is the part I have a slight problem with. If Mama Grizzlies are not to Glenn's taste, fine. Whatever. But this is ridiculous:

I haven't talked to Sarah in, I don't know, a month or so but I'm a little, I'm a little puzzled by why she didn't step to the plate on the gulf.

I mean, if she wanted to run for president, and I think that's the key, if she wanted to run for president, she should have been down there and she should have been organizing all those oil companies together and had some real press moments because that's where she excels. On energy she's amazing. She's amazing. And I don't think she capitalized on that the way she could have but I you know, again she's her own woman. Nobody's telling Sarah Palin what to do.

She should have been down there organizing the oil companies? What? Exactly where would she have gotten the authority to do any such thing?

Like it or not, she is not the President right now, Barack Obama is. The tarball was in his court, as well as those of the coastline governors, such as Bobby Jindal. Governor Palin would never be so presumptuous as to zip down to the Gulf and act like she owned the joint.

And press moments? Sarah Palin is not the sort of person who does anything just to get a good "press moment." I thought you liked her because she was real.

Sheesh, Glenn. A moment of temporary insanity, perhaps?

Among many other things, Governor Palin held Obama's feet to the fire on BP's campaign contributions, brought to the forefront what the Dutch were offering to help with the clean-up, and she reminded America that even though this was a tragedy, we still need energy. A moratorium will do nothing but kill jobs. Full coverage of Palin on the BP oil spill here.

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