Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rex Butler Confirms It

Levi was not ready to get married:

But Johnston's lawyer told us he doubts the couple is truly broken up for good. "These young folk have a lot of pressure on them right now," said Rex Butler. "All you have to do is watch that show 'Bridezillas' -- it's on and off, on and off, depending on the pressures."

Butler denied the couple's unlikely reconciliation this summer -- following a a year of public feuding -- was motivated by profit, though it's believed they were paid well for the Us Weekly exclusive. But he offered his own armchair psychology:

"Bristol, if she's going to be honest, she doesn't want him in Hollywood ..... She wants him to sort of be like Todd Palin in the background while she does the running around. Levi on the other hand is not ready to settle into that role while he has other options."

Palin told People she'd seen her boyfriend only once in the past three weeks, leaving her heartbroken and humiliated. So where is Levi? "He's around," Butler told us. "He's around."

Well, that pretty much confirms that Levi's whole "I wanna drop out of the limelight" thing was bull, not that it took a rocket scientist to figure that out after he was seen in Hollywood outside of clubs.

Memo: You could do a whole lot worse than to be exactly like Todd Palin.

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