Saturday, September 11, 2010

2012 and Recessions

Some random thoughts.

I've noticed a few columns today about how Palin might be a superstar (at least they're conceding that point now), but she could never be President. After all, she'll have to prove she's better than the others running.

First off, one of the reasons I support her is because of the others running. They stink.

Secondly, if you think we're going to work our butts off to put conservatives in Congress for a change, and then willingly hand over the White House to Mr. Romneycare, you're out of your mind. I will actively work against Mitt Romney, even if he becomes the nominee. I don't believe he has any real respect for the Constitution or for the boundaries of his office. This is one quality that I know Palin possesses, and it's what solidified my support of her in the first place.

As for her being Governor for two and a half years, I say this. Would it have been better if she'd been able to get a couple of terms under her belt? I think so. But I also know that she did the right thing given the situation she found herself in. Oh, they'll holler "quitter!" from now until Doomsday. Let them. It doesn't matter.

As for whether or not she can perform in debates, they have no idea what they're dealing with. I personally believe the Katie Couric interview was a blessing in disguise. She is underestimated. Many refuse to see beyond it and will be crushed as a result.

I won't say anymore until it actually becomes necessary.

Now, my other random thought for the day: recessions.

I actually don't mind recessions too much. Honestly, I think they're necessary. If we grew and grew and grew all the time.... I think we'd be horrible people, eventually. Every so often you've got to burst that bubble, deflate a little bit, get back to what really matters, learn that you're not invincible.

Speaking as a young person, I'm actually thrilled that real estate and other things went down. I mean, come on. No way I could have afforded much of anything with the way the market was going.

Good times are good, but they often lead to excess. We should be teaching things like hard work and thrift in our classrooms, and those good old-fashioned princples that say things like, "Don't buy what you can't afford."

Only through good morality lies lasting prosperity.

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