Monday, September 6, 2010

Mama Palin Dances Too

I ran across this today. From a newsletter published in February of 2007:

Alaska Native elder leaders from throughout Alaska convened at the Alaska Native Heritage Center on Jan. 27 in Anchorage, to welcome Alaska's newest and first female governor, Sarah Palin of Wasilla.

The governor attended with her family: husband Todd, daughters Willow and Piper, and Dillingham Yup'ik elder Helena Andree, Todd's grandmother.

All elders had a chance to speak and welcome the new governor, some did so in their Native language. Many presented Gov. Palin with Native crafted gifts, which she respectfully accepted.

Gov. Palin expressed her appreciation for the welcome, and spoke of the importance of Alaska's cultural heritage and traditions as a way to preserve the past and to help shape Alaska's future.

Gov. Palin joined Native dancers in closing the event, delighting her youngest daughter, Piper, who proudly watched as her mother danced.

Natives in attendance were impressed by Gov. Palin's participation in the event, as well. Many felt they were witness to a bridge being built.

Welcome, Gov. Palin.

The pictures in the article with the captions in the article:

Bethel elder, Peter Jacobs, addresses and welcomes Alaska's new governor, Sarah Palin, and family at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage, January 2007.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greets Alaska Native elders at the Alaska Native
Heritage Center.

Bethel elder Peter Jacobs presents a necklace gift to Gov. Palin.

An elder presents a birch basket gift to Gov. Palin.

Gov. Palin joins dancers at the end of the event, to the delight of her
youngest daughter Piper (green jacket, bottom left of picture)

Gov. Palin addresses the attendees at the Heritage Center.


Cool. This is the event where one of my all-time fave pics of Palin was taken:

What a smile.

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Beautiful pics. Thank you.