Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Vids and More...

Happy Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving gift to you -

Click here for Sarah's vid of pardoning the turkey last year - this is the non-homicidal version.

Tammy Bruce on 11-25-09 on The Wilding of Sarah Palin, and a lot of other cool stuff:

And, of course, Sarah's Happy Thanksgiving Facebook post:

Over three hundred years ago, a group of settlers fleeing religious persecution decided to set a new course for human history in a new frontier. Those early pioneers chose a rocky shoreline to establish their way of life. Centuries later, America continues to set the example of what can come from a free and hardworking people. We truly remain the shining city upon a hill that the colonial leader John Winthrop implored us to be.

What started as a small colony in the territory that would eventually become the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has progressed into the greatest and most prosperous nation in history. Americans remain the freest people on earth because of our cherished Constitution and the system of government it establishes.

We have so much to be thankful for. We should recognize especially the sacrifices made on our behalf by those in uniform. Thousands of Americans will be spending Thanksgiving overseas in combat zones in order to protect our liberty and way of life. We should give thanks to those who willingly put their lives on the line for the rest of us. Where would we be without them?

We are also thankful for what God has granted us. We are truly blessed in America with rich natural resources, plentiful energy sources, fertile land, beautiful cities, and the talented and industrious people we call “our fellow Americans.” We pray that God will continue to bless us.

In his farewell address to the nation, President Reagan reminded us that “all great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Thanksgiving is an opportunity to discuss where we are as a nation at this moment in our history and where we should be heading in order to remain prosperous and free. Take time to discuss these things with each other, and take time to teach the young people in your family about our nation’s history so that they may never forget all that we have to be proud of and thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Sarah Palin
And who can go a Thanksgiving without hearing Rush Limbaugh's version of the story?


JennyinOz said...

I have got to tell you that thanksgiving video last year cracked me up at the time and even watching it again this year I laughed out loud. Last year all the liberals went troppo when that turkey was slaughtered in the back ground as if it was the first time in history it had ever happened. What a pack of morons!!! It has been an ordinary day here all in all so thanks for the link it brightened my day!!
Just so you know, politicians are the same the world over. They ignore the people they are supposed to represent and treat us as if we are just a meal ticket. My local member only won by 16 votes last election and today I decided to join a different political party and do what ever it takes to make sure he loses his seat next year!!! 16 votes...too easy!!!

Uffda said...

I actually thought the video of the turkey getting slaughtered was hilarious, but I didn't really want to see that right before my Thanksgiving meal:)

And good on you; the Palin Revolution will be a worldwide revolution.