Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Palin Visits Roanoke

Awesome write-up of Palin's visit to Roanoke here. Video of Sally Heath and Trig on left side. Excerpts:

Siobhan Haines of Hardy, who described herself as a "conservative liberal" with views from both ends of the political spectrum, emerged with a signed book and described Palin's appeal to her: "She's a rogue."

Tito "The Builder" Munoz, whom Palin referred to in some of her campaign speeches last year, traveled to the event from Northern Virginia and was rewarded with a personalized signature in his book.

"I'm in the book! I'm right here, page 305," Munoz said as he pointed to a passage in "Going Rogue."

Annie Lin of Salem was another who received a rare personalized signature. Lin, originally from Taiwan, spoke to Palin in broken English and handed her a note that said her son, Jerry Wu, had Down syndrome -- much like Palin's young son Trig. He couldn't stand in line overnight and be here, Lin said. Palin obliged and included Jerry's name on the cover page.

Palin's parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, signed books for a small group of fans in front of the "Going Rogue" bus parked to the side of the crowd for about 30 minutes."This is fantastic," Sally said, as she held three spare diapers for baby Trig and was ushered inside to tend to him.When asked if he hopes his daughter runs for president in the next election, Chuck responded: "I don't know, that's all up to her. It surprised me when she ran for governor. We'll support her."

[on Palin's surprise visit]:

Everyone yelled and screamed, 'Sarah's here!'" said Brenda Sharpe, 57, of Salem.Tom O'Reilly, 71, of Oxford, Md., said Palin's tour bus arrived and she stepped out of it holding her baby, Trig. Piper, her youngest daughter, was with her, too. Palin thanked the crowd for coming and staying the night and then left after about five minutes, he said.
Said Sharpe of Salem, standing just behind the O'Reilly in line: "[Palin] said, 'We're going to a warm hotel room, and we feel so bad you're going to be out in the cold all night. But we thank you for being here; you all are doing the hard work.' I don't think anybody was asleep when she came. Everybody was on their feet."

"This is not for a book," he said of camping out. "We're going to have our books signed by the next president of the United States."

More breakdown of Roanoke here.


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