Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poor Dumb Kid

ET has video of Sherry Johnston's recent court hearing. The video is here. It won't let me embed. Gag-worthy as Levi is, I want you to watch it, especially the last part where Levi's lawyer is talking to him.

Now, obviously, Rex is playing it up for the cameras, but this is the kind of thing that Levi's handlers have been bottle-feeding him for the past year. Notice how Rex couches his statements in a way that's subtly anti-Palin.

Again, he's also playing to the cameras, but this kind of thing is why Levi came out on CBS and said he realizes Now that the Palins never really liked him. He's been surrounded by these people who have convinced him that he somehow matters, he can become a celebrity, and he doesn't have to take responsibility for his actions. They have cast him into a typical victim mentality. Levi's life fell apart; I'll give him that. Rex and Tank gave him a way to blame all of his problems on Sarah Palin.

I think Palin needs to continue to be gracious to Levi.

I think Levi and Bristol should have gone to court a long time ago and straightened out custody. No big deal. People do it all the time. Rex has just been waiting until he thinks it could do the most harm to Sarah, not to mention that Levi's going to have a hard time getting booked on anything if he doesn't have Sarah to complain about.

On a personal note, anger at Levi has turned into apathy. I feel sorry for the dumb kid. He listened to people that don't really care about him or his son. Rex is on record having a beef with Sarah Palin. They're the real villains in this. I kept hoping that Levi would come to his senses. When he didn't, I wrote him off. "Oh, well, he chose his side. Good riddance."

(sigh) I guess every good story needs at least one Judas.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that HotAir thread about this d-bag? Even the real Hollywood doesn't care about Ricky. If they want to make a child custodey battle a media circus than they're WAY stupider than they look. No respectable judge would allow that and it would crush ny chance Ricky has of getting custody when you take into consideration all his past lies and contradictions.

It's only a matter of time before this loser wraps a car around a telephone poll.

Good riddance.

Uffda said...

Yeah, pretty much:)

Uffda said...

The only thing is, it didn't have to be this way. But, everyone makes their own choices, I guess.

Betsy said...

Uffda @ 12:19: That is so true. It is a good reminder for all of us how important it is to think things through carefully before making a decision that could be painful. Not only for ones self, but for others
involved in one way or another.