Monday, November 23, 2009

The Rundown

Alaska news station KTUU has an introductory vid up previewing an upcoming interview of Sarah. It aired today, so it should be online soon. The preview is here.

Tracey of "Finding Myself In Alaska" summed up my feelings about people who have a problem with Palin's kids tagging along:

These comments accuse her of using the kids as props, traveling with the kids, and even a comment about Trig not having shoes on in one video clip, asking "what kind of mother are you?" of Sarah. Remember Princess Diana? I thought today of an article written years ago after Prince William, her oldest, was born.

It said that Princess Diana would spend time playing music in Prince William's nursery, even standing over him with a camera, clicking away so that he could get used to the sound of the cameras that would flash his image and follow him everywhere he went. This is their reality, the reality of someone in the spotlight.

Trig, who has Down Syndrome, seems to have adjusted very well to all the attention which might not have been the case had his family not gotten him used to the attention. Supporters are interested in seeing the children, because it is part of who Sarah is - she is a working mother - and many of us admire her for that. Her children are part of who she is, and it would be foolish and impossible to hide them away. I am certain that if she did hide them away, we would again be hearing from detractors, this time accusing her of not spending time with her children and keeping them shuddered.

I live in Wasilla (Sarah's home town) and have spent time with the family and I have to say this - this is one of the most well adjusted families I have seen. The kids are involved in sports, after school activities, and are very social. I've seen them running after school to go sledding, walking pets, and playing with family and friends. When asked how a trip went, often you get a quick "OK" and then a change of topic. They move on.

Many, many children of those in politics and celebrity have traveled with their parents. Imagine the opportunities these kids have already had. They have met people and seen parts of the country most of us will never get a chance to see. These children are not hidden away. They are out there for us to see, but are supported, loved, and reminded of how blessed they are to have the opportunities they have. I have never seen any of them take it for granted.

And as far as Trig and his shoes - obviously this comment was not written by the mother of a young child. To that commentor I say this: When you invent a way to keep socks on little feet, let the rest of us know, ok?

Michael Steele had some positive comments about Sarah here.

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Sarah visited Fort Bragg today, and she had this to say on Facebook:

US Troops Must be Second to None

Can’t wait to meet our troops – and all those who love the U.S. Armed Forces – today at Ft. Bragg. Read my book’s dedication page. The book is for these Patriots who fight for freedom. They deserve our support and our government’s unwavering commitment to equipping them for victory.The book tour is beyond all expectations.

This feels like the time when a team comes together, gearing up before a major competition to show unity and supply strength and encouragement to each team member equally, regardless of the team member’s role or title.

On this tour I hear the grave concerns Americans have for our children’s future. I also feel the hope so many of you want to cling to – hope for those on Capitol Hill to see the light, hope for politicians to be humble enough to acknowledge that growing
the federal government isn’t the answer to our economic challenges, hope that it won’t take another terrorist strike to wake us up to continued threats by those who hate America and our allies.

At every stop on this tour I see Americans coming together to say, “Enough. We love our country too much to just sit down and shut up while politicians take us for a ride. We shall be heard.” We see a united team.

Now, I want to give you more hope: We are Americans. Anything is possible in America. Anyone can make a positive difference. You don’t need a title or a political position or a pedigree. We can take our country back from those who think growing national debt will grow prosperity for us, the little guys. We can take it back from those who think shrinking military power will make the homeland safer for us, the little guys.

We can take it back because we’re fired up, and we’re all about telling our government to listen to us, trust us, get back on our side… or politicians: you’re fired.

Plunging our country deeper and deeper in debt; borrowing billions from foreign countries; relying on foreign nations to supply us with energy; talking about sanctions against dangerous regimes but not following through; hesitating to surge aggressively to stop terrorist strongholds from growing; allowing government to take over health care, banks, the auto industry, and who knows what else they’ve got up their sleeves... it’s all too much and we’ve had enough.

Ronald Reagan knew it took a united team to right the wrongs of Washington. He told his team in essence, “Gentlemen and Ladies, I hate inflation; I hate taxes; I hate
terrorists. Do something about it.” America, you’re doing something about it!

Thank you for standing up and speaking out. Thank you for holding on to hope, for loving America so passionately and supporting our troops who fight for freedom. Keep the faith!

- Sarah Palin

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A bunch of pics on her Facebook page.

By the way, Sarah's Twitter feed is at the bottom right hand corner of this page under the quotes and pics. I'm not going to bother posting all of her tweets individually.

Video of Sarah at Fort Bragg here. Her Dad weighs in at the end.

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