Monday, December 21, 2009

And So It Begins

Much remains to be done before the Health Care bill passes the full Congress, but it feels as though the Rubicon has been crossed. If they want revolution, we'll give it to them.


JennyinOz said...

I feel for you all. I know how I felt a couple of weeks ago when our government tried to ram the equivalent of cap and trade down our throats. The relief I have felt since it was defeated is enormous. It would have destroyed our economy and the futures of my two teenage children.
I have followed the health care debate and am aware it will be a financial disaster for your country. I will have a word with 'the big guy' and pray something good comes from this mess. All things work together for good for those that love God and all.
I believe your country will emerge stronger and more united when this is over! Americans have a history of triumph through adversity. As always we Aussies will be your steadfast allies, even if only as moral support this time.
Best wishes for Christmas.
Joy to the world...

Uffda said...


It's actually kind of liberating. If they pass this thing it will be the equivalent of them thowing down the gauntlet and then we can just go git 'em without all this mucky gray middle. I'm itching to just have it out.