Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Blessings

Bill589, a commentor here who disappeared for awhile, reemerged December 20th and left me this message:

Hi Uffda. I’ve been away because I’m sick. Actually I’ve been sick for 15 years or so, and sort of had an ‘awakening’ over the last year. The prognosis isn’t good, but I’ll probably be alive for a while - just comatose on and off.

I’m not complaining: I’ve been a local celebrity twice in my life. First for being an expert motocross racer (589 is my racing number), and then for playing lead guitar in a locally popular rock band. Most people don’t get to be a celebrity even once.

I’m mostly grateful for a wife, who married me right before I got sick, and stayed with me even though. And I still have hope of being cured. And I still have (a little) hope that my two children will know freedom, and if they work hard, they will be able to keep what they earn, etc. - all that ‘American’ stuff I always took for granted.

Anyway, I’m involved in a local tea party group, and am ready to promote anyone Sarah endorses around here for 2010. And then Sarah in 2012. Keep up the good fight. I will.

Well, I dropped his comment off in a C4P thread and caused a minor stir because a couple people thought I was talking about myself until I clarified:)

Well, he just dropped by again, this time with some great news:
Merry Christmas

Uffda, my wife was going to respond to you, in my stead, because I’ve been having a hard time waking up, but things have just changed:

It’s a miracle. It’s as if somebody is praying for me or something. I was showing my wife how I can’t read or write comments on the C4P site. The ‘js-kit’ site still shows errors, the C4P site still says errors, but I clicked on ‘comments’ anyway . . . and they were there! It worked! It doesn’t make sense, but God works in mysterious ways, and I’m not going to argue with him.

I am so grateful for you and others’ kind words and prayers. You’ve made me very happy and help me have hope. And maybe this C4P thing is a sign that I’m being cured. God bless you, and keep up the good fight.
That is so awesome! Merry Christmas!

I posted this update on a couple C4P threads. Hope the comment sections continue to work for you, if not, seriously, it's no problem for me to get you links to the comment feeds. Just let me know. I am yours for the commanding:)

God bless you.

P.S. I don't know what kind of bike you used to ride. Sorry if I posted a pic of one you don't like:)

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