Thursday, December 24, 2009

Death Panels, Tammy Bruce, and another Hawaii Pic

Here's the last pic of Palin in Hawaii that I could find, for now anyway. I see that the Globe gossip rag has a story on how the trip saved the Palin's marraige. LOL! Just tabloid trash. Like how the Obama's are constantly on the verge of divorce, and then not, etc....

The Cypress Times has an awesome article on Palin's "Midnight" op-ed here.

Have you all seen the vids of Tammy Bruce at the Tucson Tea Party? I'd heard her 4th of July podcast, of course. That podcast is why I'm a Tam, but I never saw the vids until I ran across them last night. They're really good. She talks about Sarah half the time. The end of the first vid goes crazy about twenty seconds before the end, but it's awesome anyway. They're all good:

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