Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saluting Sarah Palin

Great letter to the editor found here:

Sarah Palin dedicates her book ''Going Rogue'' ''to all patriots who share my love of the United States of America. And particularly to our women and men in uniform, past and present. God bless the fight for freedom.''

Freedom yes, but lately Washington seems to be extinguishing that freedom under the yoke of big government. Our nation became great, not only by way of a strong work ethic, but by letting the private sector flourish. Abe Lincoln reminded Americans that you can't life up the poor by pushing down the very people who create jobs for them. And as Reagan said, ''Put the peoples' money back in their own hands.''

Rush Limbaugh, who deplores the ''chickification' of America, is still one of Palin's greatest fans. Why? She ''fills a void.'' No one [since] Reagan has passionately spoken out for common sence conservatism and acted on these beliefs.

During her tenure as governor, she broke up the corrupt ''good-old-boys club'' of her own party; split the profits of the big oil giants, putting more money back into the hands of the Alaskan people; got rid of federal ''pork,'' eliminating ''extravagances'' such as the governor's jet, chef and even car; got plans for Alaska's huge natural gas pipeline off the ground; forced Exxon to begin drilling on the leased land that they had ''sat on'' for 30 years; and proved that it's possible to be pro-environment and pro-development. On a personal level, she sent a son off to Iraq.

For those who haven't read her book, the title can be misleading. A rogue is a rascal, even a dishonest person. During her run for vice president, the ''campaign professionals'' pretty much dictated everything she could and couldn't say. If she's occasionally speak her mind, these ''professionals'' would say, ''Oh-oh. She's going rogue again.'' It's pretty hard to muzzle Sarah! ...

The question, ''Why did she resign as governor? '' often arises. She looked forward to returning to her beloved state to a job she loved, it was not to be. Countless media people, engaging in the ''bloodsport of character assignation,'' swarmed around the mansion in Juneau. Frivolous and serious lawsuits kept coming, until the state went under financially.

Finally, Sarah decided personal bankruptcy and ruined reputation she could take, but not seeing Alaskans suffer ...

Another ''media gem'' was that she and McCain were at odds with each other. Not so. She has the greatest respect for him, though sometimes she was at odds with reporters and campaign directors!

Although Sarah is no ''Bible-thumping evangelist,'' she operates on a day to day faith in God and answered prayer which underlie her wisdom, strength, humor and courage. Why is she so brutally attacked? It is a known fact that liberals control most of the mainstream media. They are afraid of her because she points out the dangers of their big-government policies.

Tom Morgan pointed out another good reason: Many Washington types are well-off and try to connect with regular folks by setting up photo ops in sports arenas, hometown dinners, etc. No need for Sarah to do this - she is ''regular folks!''

At this time, it doesn't seem to be important to her whether or not she's drafted for the presidency. The bottom line is, she wants to serve her state and country in whatever capacities [she can].

Mary Lou Giles


Bill589 said...

I’ve studied a bit about how words often change meaning through time. I predict, in the near future, “rogue” will be cool: To do your own thing, take the uncommon path, make unexpected bold proclamations, . . . Yep. All that cool Sarah Palin stuff.

Uffda said...

I always thought it was cool myself:)

Sorry I haven't been posting much the last couple days. I've been boiling over this Levi thing.

Bill589 said...

Your postings are the best. I’m boiling too. Levi is the lowest, and the whole system stinks.

Uffda said...

Oh, I had a post up trashing Levi earlier, but I took it down. I'm going to try and not pop off too much about this because I don't want to give the enemy any ideas. My paranoia is kicking in, I guess:)

I know that the Underworld monitors C4P and they've got links to Butler. I don't know if they monitor this site, but I'm not taking any chances.

I'm just going to pray...ALOT.