Saturday, January 2, 2010

Palin Pics

I am always very excited when I find Palin pics I haven't seen before, especially if they're from earlier in Sarah's life (before the VP thing). First here's a slideshow of 2009 Iron Dog pics, and then some others that include Sarah and a younger Track:

Find more photos like this on Team Sarah

I post slideshows when there are too many pics to post here without the post being very, very long.

Here's another pic. The caption said that it's Palin and son Track taken at a community event in Wasilla in 2002.

I like it when I find Track pics because they're kinda sparse.

Here's Sarah from that same event, June 15, 2002:

Palin and Trig in July of 2008:

I found a few others too, but I'll post 'em later.

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hrh said...

Thanks for researching and sharing your finds. I love new pix, too!!

I also love the way Sarah respects that politics isn't Track's thing, and even opted out of the 2004 Senate race 'cause he didn't want her to. And instead supported him 100% with his hockey team.

And even now allows him to remain mostly out of the spotlight per his wishes.