Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sarah Palin is a Superstar

Article here:

On Dec. 5, I had the privilege of attending my first tea party at the Arizona Market Place.

The Colorado Tea Party, who organized this meeting, did a great job of lining up speakers. Russ Clark was the master of ceremonies. There were between 300-400 people in attendance.

One doctor was talking about health care reform now before Congress. He said Sarah Palin was right about "Death Panels." The cheer of the day was when he mentioned Sarah's name.

Common people relate to her like a friend next door, not a politician who says one thing and does another. People are tired of politicians not doing what the people want them to do. It is time to vote out all incumbents and replace them with people who do what the people want.

Gov. Palin just finished up a 33-city book tour. With book sales of over 1 million copies in the first two weeks, people waited in lines for hours overnight in freezing temperatures, just for a few seconds to meet someone that they think can turn this county around.

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin is a superstar.


JennyinOz said...

G'day and a Happy New Year Uffda! I look forward to reading your excellent site throughout 2010.

Uffda said...

Hey, Jenny! Thanks! Have an awesome year!