Monday, March 29, 2010

Hillbuzz on Palin and McCain

This was just too good not to post. The Hillbuzz boys:

On Friday, we happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch a little of CNN covering Sarah Palin’s speech for John McCain in Arizona.

We just want to speak from the heart for a minute here, and say how much we truly love hearing Sarah Palin speak. Seeing Palin up there with McCain behind her made us remember one of our favorite days of all time: August 29th, 2008, when McCain introduced Palin in Dayton, Ohio as his running mate.

Great Merciful Zeus, that was a wonderful day.

As we’ve told you before, we watched the announcement live on Pioneer Square here in Chicago, seeing Palin speak on the big TVs the NBC affiliate has for the public. All around us a big crowd of Chicagoans gathered, and as Palin delivered a fantastic speech, we heard many of them grumble, “she’s too good…we’ll have to destroy her…she could win this for him”.

It has been the Left’s unrelenting, obsessive goal to do just that — to destroy Sarah Palin — ever since....

Seeing McCain behind Palin last night, and Cindy McCain up there on the dais too, reminds us we did everything humanly possible to stop what’s being done to our country by the Left today. We did something we never thought we’d do by becoming Democrats for McCain. And we are so proud of that.

But, we have to say now, and we hope this does not hurt any feelings of McCain supporters, that he was a bad candidate to run for Republicans. We like the man. We are awed by the strength he showed as a POW. We ADORE Cindy McCain and her unbelievable philanthropic works around the world. And Roberta McCain — HELLO — Roberta McCain rocks like nobody’s business. Love. That. Nanagenarian.

To be honest, Meghan McCain we can do without. The less time in front of the microphone for her, the better for everyone.

But, put the McCain sons in front of the camera any damn time you want. Preferably shirtless in boxer briefs at charity car washes, where water fights are most apt to break out.

The MSM pushed McCain’s candidacy, and while we think he would have been a good president, and Cindy would have been one of our best First Ladies ever — with the smarts and policy focus of Hillary Clinton, the kindness and grace of Laura Bush, and the passion to make life better for the struggling and hopeless of Eleanor Roosevelt — looking at McCain, so pale, with his shock white hair, and his timid nature on the national stage, we’re heartbroken the GOP couldn’t send a real fighter into battle in 2008. Ironic, we know, because McCain was a fighter pilot.

But, on the campaign trail, he always pulled his punches. He should have eviscerated Obama as the socialist he is, and exposed everything the American public STILL doesn’t know about this man and his agenda. McCain should have hammered home every day what America would be in for in the The Golden Age of Hope and Change, and he should have smacked Obama with a metaphoric two-by-four 25 hours a day.

Just like, we’re sure, Sarah Palin would have done had she been in the driver’s seat in 2008....

If McCain had introduced anyone but Palin on that Friday in August, we’d feel very pessimistic about America’s chances for survival today. There would be no one on the field who we believe will defeat Dr. Utopia in 2012....

Say what you will about John McCain, but he kicked off something momentous on August 29th, 2008. He set in motion a chain of events that will lead to our first female president, who will be elected in a landslide if she sets her mind to rallying Americans to take this country back from the collectivists.

When America needs it most, John McCain indeed had a hand in creating the hero whose time and place has come.

That’s what we kept thinking of over and over watching Palin campaign for her former running mate in Arizona. And then Todd would enter the frame, in all his awesome Todd-ness, and we’d be rightfully distracted for a moment.

We just love the Palins.

And no matter what he does, we’ll always like John McCain for putting them on the national stage.

We were never McCainiacs. We supported him because he was the better choice over Obama. But once he picked Palin as his running mate, we were all-in for that campaign, because of HER.

Just as we’ll be all-in whenever Palin needs it, in whatever she does. Today, tomorrow, and in 2012.

They crack me up. I just have to throw in this spoof of Meghan McCain:

LOL! I love the guy interviewing her. Hilarious!

You know, I haven't really had a horse in this Arizona Senate race. I don't really like McCain myself. But now (and I can't believe I'm saying this) I truly hope that he wins. I won't tell you why. But I have my reasons.

I will say that I was a tad uncomfortable with Palin selling McCain using phrases like, "We're all part of the Tea Party now." But now it seems as though she was saying, "John, you WILL embrace these values now. If I have to drag your butt over the finish line, you'd better live up to what I'm saying about you."


moon816 said...

hi uffda do you have the audio of tammy bruce & a girl name lisa? she was on the mccain rally but she i think is a supporter of J.D.

Uffda said...

I'm working on it. Thanks :)