Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Media - Searchlight Clips and Hugh Hewitt

Palin talks to Griff Jenkins at the rally in Searchlight:

Tea Party video:

Andrew Breitbart on the rally in Searchlight:

And McCain's new campaign manager posts this vid:

A guy on the ground reports on a "Riot in Searchlight":

Here's Hugh Hewitt on defending Palin:

And you can see good videos of the McCain/Palin rallies in Arizona here.


Hefmier said...

Hey Uffda,
FYI, the "Riot in Searchlight" video is not working properly. It keeps stopping at 0:48. I went to Ryan's Youtube site, and it is the same thing.

Uffda said...

That's weird. It works fine for me.

Try deleting your temporary internet files. Sometimes if it freezes up once it won't load right ever again.

But thanks for the heads up.

Hefmier said...

I found a solution:
Play it at 480P, instead of 360P.
For those that have the same issue, but don't know what I am talking about, once you start playing the video, triangle symbol appears at the botton with 360p next to it. Click the symbol and then hit 480p. Hopefully, it will work fine.