Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Strategy of Violence

Given what I outlined in the post below, the utter ridiculousness of this latest media meme, the question has to be, why does the Left do this stuff?

Their strategy is to go after anything that's effective.

Guess what? That "call to arms" of Palin's after the health care vote was effective. Twenty vulnerable seats highlighted by the 'Cuda + an electorate eager to kick the bums out, especially on the heels of the passage of the healthcare bill = score one for Palin.

Look at the surge of support that went in Benishek's direction after the vote. And he's pretty much just a guy who isn't Bart Stupak.

So they see an effective strategy and they seek to neuter it by forcing us to quit using it. They try to cow us into laying down that "weapon" that they know can beat them.

Too many times in the past we have fallen for this because, hey, we don't want to be mean. We're not trying to be mean. So if someone points out that "Hey, you have to quit saying that because bad things might happen," oftentimes we would back down because we don't want bad things to happen.

But they've played that hand one too many times. We see through it now. It wasn't Sarah Palin or anyone else who made someone throw a brick through Slaughter's campaign office window. It was a Congress who pushed and pushed and pushed on the American people and finally passed a bill that we turned out over a million American voters to peacefully protest, assuming that it was even a right-winger who did it - nobody knows.

But are we dangerous? You bet we are. We vote!

There's also a bit of denial going on here. The American people LOVE this bill. But wait, why are they so upset? It's that Sarah Palin! Everything is her fault! If she would just "shut the tweet up" the American people would embrace us with open arms!

Of course, there's nothing about the bill itself that would make people mad...

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