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There's a running joke over on C4P called "VIOLENCE!!!!" I don't remember how it started, but to the best of my memory, there was a troll who took a metaphor literally and started whining about it. So to tease him/her/it we started linking bad kung fu movie scenes and other random stuff to the word "VIOLENCE!" The troll threatened to turn us in to the FBI.

Now that's just funny.

There's been quite a bit of talk the last few days about all of the "violence." Apparently, the Tea Partiers are two pitchforks away from an armed revolution and members of Congress just now started receiving nasty phone calls and threats.

And, of course, the media enables this stupidity.

First of all, people in Congress get threats ALL THE TIME. I'm not saying that this is a good thing, but it's practically a daily occurrence. What, you think GOP congresspeople never get a nasty phone call? This is ridiculous. I don't see the GOP calling press conferences demanding that Nancy Pelosi call off her attack dogs. That is, until the Democrats made fools out of themselves demanding that John Boehner do it and that Sarah Palin tone down her rhetoric and "shut the tweet up."

I seem to recall members of Congress calling the President of the United States a war criminal during the previous administration. I also recall signs at DC protests that said, "Kill Bush." Perhaps Pelosi and her comrades should have toned down the rhetoric. Perhaps MSNBC was to blame as well.

A movie was made about assassinating the President. (crickets from the media)

The President had a shoe thrown at him and the Left laughed their butts off. Can you imagine if someone threw a shoe at Obama? Oh, my word. We'd all be thrown in jail.

Now the Far Left continues to foment the hatred by posting articles asking if Right-Wingers are domestic terrorists. Headlines stem from top Democrats who claim that Palin is not only an idiot, she's also dangerous. Her mind is twisted and evil. She's practically Hitler reincarnated. To top it all off, she said "RELOAD." Aha! We have proof that she wants to kill us all!

On the heels of such fabulous "reporting," the rhetoric against the Palins and the Tea Party attendees has reached a fevered pitch. Just click on a few You Tube videos and you'll find people wondering why nobody has killed the Tea Partiers or Palin yet. Some on Twitter say that Palin and her children should be gunned down. The Left's rhetoric is obviously fanning the flames of violence against the Right and Palin in particular. I wonder when Michael Steele will demand that the Left STTU.

As far as death threats are concerned, conservative talk show hosts get them every single day. I'm sure Palin has received her fair share since this whole thing started. The Left and the Democrat party have no right to even open their mouths about this sort of thing after the way they openly wished that George W. Bush would keel over.

So far, the only things I can name that have actually happened are a brick smashing a window in Louise Slaughter's campaign office and the brother of a Congressman had his barbecue sabotaged.

The grill incident was reported by the MSM as "brother of a Congressman has his fuel lines cut."

Nobody knows who perpetrated those two incidents, or why. Yet it is assumed that it was some right-winger who must have read Palin's Facebook page or Twitter account.

I would like to remind the unbiased, fair, and open-minded media that upwards of 1 million Tea Partiers marched on DC last fall. A million gun-toting, rhetoric-spewing Tea Partiers. Not one arrest. Not one.

And every incident where the media has tried to smear us has fallen flat. The racial epithets story proved to be untrue, as well as the "he spit on me!" story. We wait patiently for the day the news anchors present the truth.

We'll be waiting for a long time.

CNN's slogan must be, "We give you one side of the story." -

So CNN wasn't interested? Surprise, surprise. I am shocked.

Now, in all fairness, it's just eggs. I know Palin had some eggs thrown in her general direction at a book-signing as well. Not to mention tomatoes. The Left has a penchant for throwing food, apparently.

Whatever. I think I would laugh if someone threw an egg at me, but that's not the point. The point is, imagine the media uproar if someone hit Obama with an egg. "Double standard" doesn't begin to cover it.

Of course, none of this is serious anyway. It's all misdirection by the Left and an attempt to not only smear the Tea Parties, but eventually crack down on them.

And it's also to provoke us. Be especially aware of this last point. Two rules to remember from here on out:

1. Always take a camera to every rally and record, record. They won't report accurately, so we may have to.

2. Don't let them provoke you. The object of a lot of the intimidation and in-your-face stuff is to get a rise out of you. They want the reaction so they can take it and run with it. Don't give them what they want.

More clips for your viewing pleasure:

Watch Laura Ingraham take down Matt Lauer on this issue here.

Oh, no. I said, "Take down." Violence!!!!

And for the record, the little symbols on Palin's map were technically surveyor symbols. See here.

*Note: I don't put the recent arrest of those "Christian militia members" into the same realm as the health care protest. These guys were obviously whack jobs. And idiots to boot. "Yeah, let's go kill a bunch of cops, and post all over the internet that we're going to do it."

Brilliant. Enjoy your time in jail, crazy morons.

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