Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Trig!

The little cutie turns two today. The Hillbuzz boyz have a prelimary report on last night. I'm sure there'll be a more detailed one to follow:

Last night in Washington, IL we heard Governor Palin speak and she told us that every morning Trig wakes up, rubs the Sand Man’s dust from his eyes, giggles, and starts applauding. That’s how the little champ greets each day. With thunderous applause and laughter. She says she knows he understands challenges, and that he certainly gets frustrated and has his ups and downs, even at two, but that every morning his natural cheer and kind spirit pops to life the moment he wakes, revved up to start a new day and enjoy it to the fullest.

You better believe we’re going to remember that from now on, every morning we wake up. Each day is a gift, folks. It should indeed be met with applause and thanks, for we are all blessed to get a chance every morning to do something incredible, something fun, something joyous, because we’ve been given another day above ground.

Trig Palin’s an angel undercover — with a clear mission to us: to inspire, to challenge, to make us think, and TO LEAD by his simple and heartfelt example.

We’ll have more on the Governor’s speech later today when we have a chance to type up our notes, but we had to share this bit with you, as we all send little Trig our best wishes on his big day.

Happy Birthday Trig!

Here's a video where little Trig does some clapping. Just about melted my heart the first time I saw it. He's so cute. Turns me into a total girl with the squealing and all. "Oh, he's so adorable! He clapped his hands!" It's pathetic, really. ;)

Lots of good Trig videos out there, including this one, but this has to be the cutest:

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