Monday, April 19, 2010

Tea Party Punks and Paulbots

I feel like I just pulled my head out of a crazy pit. Gotta shake it off...

The video below was uploaded by a guy supporting Ron Paul for 2012. Sometimes I think the Paulbots will still be supporting that man when he's six feet under.

I don't know if the guy in the video is a Ron Paul fan or not. If he is, he's the mother of all hypocrites because I believe that Ron Paul is in fact a Republican. So...I guess we can't vote for him either. Let's just elect Andrew Halcro and get it over with.

You know why I got a problem with fringe libertarians? Because they remind me so much of progressives.

A progressive crashes a Republican event and is carried out screaming about his violated freedom of speech and how the cops are facists. Hm. Sounds like a recent McCain/Palin rally, only that guy was a Paulbot.

Progressives (like Bill Maher) seem to think that if we can just get rid of that whole "God" thing and "drag the country" to whatever it is they want to accomplish, that sunshine and lollipops will be in order for everyone. If we just bow to our enemies, they'll leave us alone.

Paulbots seem to think that if we just overthrow those evil bankers and that evil Federal Reserve and dismantle the "war machine" and the "empire" (and perhaps even the church) that wars will cease and all will be well with the world.

Both sides trying to reach utopia, in two very different ways. The first by giving the state more control; the second by dismantling the whole system.

I got news for ya; man is fallen. We would be fighting each other whether there were "Bilderbergs" or not.

At least the Progressives don't talk in conspiracy theories. I think I'd rather watch Shannyn Moore than Alex Jones. That dude is one crock full of crazy.

The Tea Parties aren't fringe. You want to see real fringe? Check out the 9/11 truthers.

Well, on second thought, the Progressives do deal in some conspiracy theories. How many Trigs are there again?

"Run! The Neocons! Ahhhhh! They're coming!"

Anyway, without further adeiu:

The old dude was right. He's pretty much a punk.

Also, when I first started watching it, it made me doggone uncomfortable. Little red flags started going off over what he was proposing. He just seemed a little..."out there." But I decided to give him a chance and let him have his say because maybe there's a point he's getting to, ya know?

Then he went after Palin. Oh, dude, no. No, no, no. This is a Tea Party rally. Not everyone there is a Palin fan, but there are definitely Palin fans in the crowd. You can bank on it. You brought the reaction on yourself, man. LOL!

Also, the Tea Party movement is not a Sarah Palin movement, but neither are the Tea Party rallies 2012 campaign rallies. It's not customary to get up there and back a 2012 candidate or diss a potential candidate. The Tea Party members are diverse in their opinions of 2012 and it's just flat-out disrespectful.

I'm glad that this guy stepped in it, because he was on his way to encouraging the Tea Party to do something illegal. Conservatives grumble sometimes, and sometimes joke in a "Well, I can't afford health insurance. I guess I'll see you in jail!" way, but you don't get up in front of a crowd and advocate something along the lines of all of us becoming tax cheats.

By the way, I'm not ragging on Ron Paul himself. I do know some sane Paul fans. And I'm kind of a fan of his son, Rand. Like Palin, I don't agree with him on everything, but I appreciate his calm, educated demeanor. Here's Rand talking about Palin's endorsement of him and whether he feels that she's qualified to be President at around twelve minutes in. He also mentions her around 21:00 -

Watch live streaming video from cjpolitics at

One more thing, some are now saying that the Tea Party movement is split between Palin and Paul. Um, no. It's open to everyone. It's just that some Paulbots have their pants in a bunch because it was "their" movement and Palin and Glenn Beck (those filthy Neocons!) "hijacked" it.

It was actually "hijacked" by the mainstream conservative American people, but that doesn't stop some from channeling their rage into Palin.

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