Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michele Bachmann: Thank You, Sarah Palin

Bachmann pens an opinion piece for Politico:
I would like to take this opportunity and thank the author who has taken note to our successful fund-raising quarter. Every donor is a blessing and symbolizes the hope I hold that we can and will get our country back on the right track.

However, I would respectfully disagree with some points when it comes to former Gov. Sarah Palin’s fund-raising ability. It is important to recognize Palin’s effect in our fund-raising numbers. Our successful fund-raising is due, in part, to the fact that she dedicated her time and efforts to come to Minnesota in April to help my reelection campaign.

My race wasn’t the only race that Palin worked hard to raise money for. She’s lent her presence for raising money to non-profits and political groups, as well as other candidates. Her effect on all aspects of politics shouldn’t be undersold. We are all grateful to her support of constitutional conservatives around the nation.

As to my campaign’s fund-raising, I know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has a very different plan for my life — other than serving in the House. Pelosi is no small threat. This is why Palin graciously agreed to make me one of the first 2010 candidates for whom she campaigned.

To say the Democrats have targeted my race is a massive understatement. They have an array of Acorn/SEIU/EMILY’s List workers and the benefit of millions in far-left money reserved for my defeat.


Pelosi and the Democrats have targeted me specifically to silence my voice in repealing Obamacare and rolling back the spending and tax increases about to come our way. I can’t wait to defeat their bad agenda.


Bill589 said...

“Love loyalty.” (From O.T.)
I love Michelle. I’ve seen her stand in congress and give a pretty gutsy talking to, to the other congressmen. Very Sarah-like. (That’s my highest compliment.) She’s a true friend. (My other rare, highest compliment.)

Kelsey said...

Awesome of Michelle to write this. She certainly didn't have to.