Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama, Palin, and Israel

(Sarah Palin celebrates Hanukkah, 2008)

President Obama seems to think that we can make the bad guys like us by becoming bad guys ourselves.

I have nothing against the people in the Middle East; I don't think you'd find many Americans who do. I hope that someday they'll be able to lead free and prosperous lives, but the fact remains that many of their current leaders will never allow it to be that way.

President Obama needs to get something through his head: the Muslim world hates America because America is an ally of Israel, and the Muslim world by and large hates Israel. Period.

To countries like Iran, Israel is the Little Satan, and (because we're Israel's allies, at least for now) America is the Great Satan. We could make Iran love us overnight if we stab our friends in the back and join Iran in condemning Israel, or if we just send the signal that we won't stand in their way if they want to attack Israel.

Here's the gist: we could give up the fight and stop standing up for Israel because we're tired and in so doing become an enabler to their demise, or we could do the right thing no matter how hard or how unpopular it is and stick by our allies through thick and thin. That is our choice as a nation.

Are we going to be honorable, or comfortable?

If we choose the latter, it won't last long. Evil will spread like the plague, and we won't be able to stop it.

The hard truth is that there is evil in this world. Liberals don't want to believe that.

For the liberal, it's always the victim's fault. Iran hates Israel, therefore Israel must have done something to deserve it. (It's kind of like this whole David Letterman thing - "Palin's teenage daughters are slammed and attacked, therefore it's Palin's fault." Ya gotta love the backwards logic. "Don't punish the rapist, kill the innocent baby....")

President Obama never seems to want to pick a side. He can never say, "This is where I stand." He vascillates all over the issues. He wants to make everybody happy, including Iran. (Tell me again, why do we care if a nuke-happy anti-semite dictator likes us? I don't want someone like that to like us.)

Well, guess what? Every single decision you make is going to tick off somebody. So stand up, be a man, and just do the right and honorable thing. If our enemies hate us for it, so be it.

After all this craziness it was so refreshing for me to see this statement the other day:

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the shooting victims at the National Holocaust Museum. The museum itself remembers and honors the lives lost in one of the world's most horrific genocides.

"To have an act of intolerance further spread hatred at this place of reflection, further adds to the grief. My heart goes out to all those impacted, especially the brave guards who acted so selflessly to prevent further injury.

"May God Bless the Jewish community."

- Governor Sarah Palin

Finally, someone who's not afraid to stand up for our allies.

For more on Palin's stance on Israel, check out this article.

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