Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pathetic Old David Letterman

(Mama Grizzly's not laughing)

Days after David Letterman's lowlife comments about Palin and her daughter Willow (although Letterman insists the remarks were not aimed at anyone underage) the feud between Palin and Letterman is still boiling.

Letterman tried to explain his cracks away, but he obviously remains unrepentant. The man hates Sarah Palin, thinks she's an idiot, etc.... and yet the pervert also thinks she's hot and makes sexual jokes about her and her teenage daughters.

The guy is a creep, pure and simple, not to mention a hypocrite.

All he had to do was get on the air and say, "Look, our job here is to write jokes that will make people laugh, and sometimes we go over the line. We did that last night, and we apologize." Then he could have moved on and that would have been it; apology accepted.

Instead he continues to be a pervert hiding behind the excuse that he is a "comedian." Hey, Letterman, we're not laughing.

What upsets me even more than his lowlife carcass is the audience that did laugh at the jokes.

I'm not against all Palin jokes, I happen to think that most of what Tina Fey did was hillarious (inaccurate, but hillarious). I can laugh at myself, and so can Palin. But Letterman despises Sarah. Despite his weak explanations, for him it's not just comedy; it's personal.

I'm not sure what will come out of all this. I expect we'll see Letterman continue to be brazen unless he gets pressure from his bosses (which he very well may since many are calling for his advertisers to go elsewhere). We'll probably see people start to line up and defend him, as well as Sarah Palin.

There's a greater issue at work here than whether or not Letterman is a washed-up hack (for the record, he is). The real issue is this: how long is the American public going to tolerate the venom spewed against conservative women, not to mention their children?

This type of thing from Letterman is nothing new. Palin got the same kind of attacks from all over the media during and after the campaign, and so did Bristol. But when you try to call the media on it, they use the old lines about her being a public figure and they're "just comedians." They've got this game mastered, man.

And now they're saying that it's all Palin's fault.

We've all heard the excuses:

"Well, she dragged her kids into this..."
"She's the one who's irresponsible, running for VP when her daughter was pregnant..."
And now the latest:
"Well, Sarah sexualized her candidacy by winking during the VP debate."

Oh, so, in your pathetic little mind she (and somehow her teenage daughters) deserved it all, is that it? She took her 14 year-old to a Yankee game, so she deserves whatever she gets.

That's like the rapist saying, "Well, she shouldn't have been wearing that outfit."

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