Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Levi: Put Up or Shut Up

Did I not tell you that CBS would kiss his butt? Well, okay I didn't say it here, but I said it on C4P the other day.

I'm speaking, of course, of Levi's interview on CBS (part 1) this morning. Yes, there will be a part 2.

I think I saw this coming, I may not have known that I saw it coming, but I think I saw it coming.

When I first heard the news that Bristol and Levi had broken up, my initial reaction was, "Oh, no. Please let them patch this up and let nobody get hurt." Even if that "patching" didn't involve actually getting back together. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think I sensed a vulnerability in Levi. He was ripe for the picking.

And he's been picked; oh, boy, has he been picked.

This stuff about him during the election is a joke. Nobody cared about Levi. He was there as moral support for Bristol, and that's it. He just sat and stood there. Whoop de doo. There was no image, he was just there. After the convention I never thought twice about him. DURING the convention I never thought twice about him. It was never about him. Someone apparently convinced him it was.

Levi claims to have "huge" things he hasn't spilled about the Palins. That could be true. Listen, I don't doubt about 90 percent of what he says. I think he leaves out any and all context, but who isn't cherry picking facts these days?

The Palins are human. They do human things, like complain about their jobs and watch tv. I don't doubt that Bristol did a lot of the caregiving for Trig before Sarah resigned. Other magazines who did interviews at the Palin's house SAID that. The woman was the Governor of the State of Alaska. She was busy. Nobody rags on the man for leaving his wife to do the majority of the child rearing while he's out being the Governor or what have you. Why are we throwing a conniption fit if Todd does the majority of the child rearing? What's the problem?

The stuff about "she never hunts or fishes." Again, Governor! Listen, I like to ride horses, but that doesn't mean I do it every single day. I do it maybe once a year, if that. But I still like to do it. Sarah Palin was a working mother of five with a husband with a job thousands of miles away. I doubt she went fishing every other day.

That's what I mean when I say that I think Levi is being factual, but not necessarily truthful, because there's no context.

As for Todd and Sarah supposedly not liking him - Dude, you knocked up their daughter. Be thankful they didn't shoot you. Also, you broke up with their daughter. That's just plain old awkward.

See, I think Levi got hurt. Couple that with the voices around him that are anti-Palin, a desire for revenge, a chance to make money, and voila - one ruined life coming up.

As for the stuff he's supposedly holding back that he won't spill:

Listen, Levi, either spill it all or quit talking about it. Either leave Sarah Palin alone or drive the knife in deep.

No more of this middle stuff; make up your mind. If there really is something nefarious that went on, we need to know about it. But put up or shut up.


Bill589 said...

The best lies (worse lies?) are the ones that are mostly true. It’s that little twist that makes it ugly. Besides hurting innocent people for money, does Levi realize that one of those innocent people he hurts is his son? The people using him are the lowest of the low, except for Levi who’s somehow even lower.

I miss C4P so much! Since I discovered the internet this past summer, I visited C4P daily. It was my internet home. Maybe my computer’s too old, but since they switched to js-kit I can’t see the comments anymore. I sent multiple e-mails to the js-kit site and a couple to C4P with no response. I know they don’t owe me anything. I can’t afford a new computer, but I wish I could do something to at least read the comments.

Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

Aw, I feel so bad for you. I'll see if there's something I can do. It might take a couple of days.

And what you said about the worst lies being mostly true, was right on. I wish I had thought of it!

gamsbo said...

Like you that is a bit of truth in what he says...These people are humans...he knows just enough to run his mouth...I feel he thought he was going to get a book deal and it did not he is doing all this other junk...Play Girl...but he does not think of his son...because right now he feels impartant(sp)...

As for knowing more about the Palin's maybe...but I do not think so...for this reason...he is after money...and if he knew some big he and his sister would have already sold it to the highest bidder...also also everything Palin has do since she was in the PTA to governor has been looked at...e-mail...papers you name it they have turned ever you not think if there was something in the past 13 months it would have come out...

Kelsey said...

If she does run for Prez, there'll be no vetting left. They've practically turned her inside out.