Monday, October 26, 2009

Progressive Makes Documentary About SEIU's Role In Obama's Campaign

The movie is called "Labor Day," and it comes out October 3oth. The guy who made it, Glenn Sibler, is a big leftist. Here's the trailer:

The website is here.

The real story is this: liberal progressives thought that Obama was going to magically transform the world into some kind of leftist utopia. The utopia that they're forever striving for, and in the process, forever pushing out of reach. I got news for ya - it ain't gonna happen.

Well, now that the year is almost over and Obama has turned out to be a big dud, they're trying to relive the glory days of the campaign when all things were possible.

I actually feel sorry for them. Their "Messiah" was nothing but a mistake. Oh, well. We'll let them take one more whirl around memory lane before we bring them back to reality. 2010 and 2012 baby!

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