Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Set your TIVO's! Not.

Levi will be on the CBS Early Show Wednesday morning.

So, Bristol dumped Levi's butt and he got bitter. He finally caved to all of the media outlets who were banging down his door asking to him to, quote - "dish the dirt on the Palins." He went on Tyra and some others, and that probably sealed the deal for Bristol. No way she was ever taking him back. Levi had nothing to lose after that. Might as well just cash in.

At first he didn't say anything too awfully terrible. Those first couple of interviews before Rex and Tank got a hold of him are probably the truest picture of Levi. Of course his sister was an influence on him at that point. His sister is obviously out for the money. Speaking of credibility, in her first interview with Star Magazine, Mercedes said that Bristol wasn't going to high school and wouldn't graduate. Which begs the question: when can't you trust the word of a Johnston?

(That was sarcasm, by the way.)

Levi is milking the system for whatever it will give him. What's pathetic is that the system is willing to give him anything.

I think he honestly got hurt in the initial onslaught of a break-up, a break-up in front of the media no less. Then his dad left home, and his mom got thrown in jail. Having burned any possible bridge to the Palins, he was left adrift, until Rex and Tank showed up like knights in dingy, oversized armor.

For Levi, it's a combination of his personal life falling apart, falling in love with the attention he was getting, and realizing that he could make some bucks off of this. That's what he's doing now in this CBS interview. He's saying, "I've got some information...how much are you willing to give me for it?"

Yes. How much are you willing to give the kid to tell you Sarah also made him get her a Big Mac at McDonalds?

For his handlers, it's an agenda against the Palins. These are the people who have poisoned his mind to the point of hardening his soul. According to Levi, he sees now that the Palins are fake and out to bash him.

And what exactly has Sarah Palin been saying about him? Have you seen any press releases about Palin bashing Levi lately? The only thing he could possibly be talking about is her book. Has Levi been rushed an early copy?

Who are those who are telling him what Palin's really saying about him? Well, one is a guy who has never met Sarah Palin, but won't go so far as to say she's not evil. The other is a dude who claimed during the 2008 election that Palin "had no use for black people." Very objective sources, Levi. I'd venture that person #2 - Rex Butler, like person #1 - Tank Jones, has never met Sarah Palin either, yet he apparently knows her so well.

These two guys smell money, and they smell a chance to help out Obama by putting a few dents into Sarah Palin. That's all it is.

For Levi's handlers, it's a matter of distraction. Whenever Sarah does anything, they throw Levi into the mix, even when it has nothing to do with him, to say: "Wooohoo! Look over here! I'm saying bad things about you! Your marriage is falling apart! You never hunt or fish! You're a bad mother!"

It's a distraction. It's annoying as all get-out, but it means nothing. It's just to try to get the Palins off stride and off course. I can talk about it because I've got nothing to lose. The Palins and anyone politically connected with them should stay away from this because going near it will play right into the enemy's hands.

Always remember: Levi's just a puppet; Rex and Tank pull his strings. Oh, well. What does he care? He's getting at least $20,000 out of the deal. Principles be hung.

Next up for Levi? Probably some kind of gay porn. Isn't that fabulous?

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