Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Rundown

Well, the RINO dropped out of the NY-23 race. Now it's Hoffman and the Democrat. Hoffman is expected to win. Yay! See Sarah's response here. That oughtta seal the deal for how influential a Palin endorsement can be.

Speaking of Halloween (Happy Halloween), Levi won't go away. What a surprise. Like the tick that just won't back out of your bloodstream, the parasite keeps feeding off of his host. Spurred on by the egging of the losers that surround him, Levi continues his assault on the Palins. He's now reportedly thinking of taking the Palins to court for custody of Tripp. Audio here.

He seems surprised that the Palins aren't giving him great big bear hugs every time he comes to their front door. He claims that Sarah has turned Bristol against him. Ummm, Levi, are you sure you haven't turned Bristol against you? Quit listening to the spiders in your ears. They're leeching off of you.

As for the custody battle, it's about time.

Is it a coincidence that this is happening just as Palin's about to go on her book tour? I think not. Pathetic, lefties. Using a child to smear a potential rival. You have no shame. And Rex, he's never been malicious? Ha!

Correct me if I'm wrong, genius, I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin has nothing to do with your son. That's Bristol's territory.

Bring it the h-e-double hockey sticks on. That's right, I said hockey sticks. Let's see what you got, pretty boy.

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