Saturday, October 17, 2009

Palin Knows Plenty - Why Attack Her?

First, for your viewing pleasure (skip past oil line ceremony for her trip to Kuwait):

Now, a couple of Letters to the Editor on

Palin Knows Plenty:

In response to the Oct. 12 letter by Tom Hank, "Enlist Palin": Hank claims Sarah Palin knows nothing about war, that she is an "armchair warrior." Hank states, "Let's put a gun in her hand and let her get a taste of the front lines before running her mouth."

General Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, had requested additional ground combat troops, including special operations forces. So, unless Hank knows something that Palin and McChyrstal don't know, I suggest he get a taste of the front lines before running his mouth.

I find it very interesting that Hank chooses to bash Palin, yet not write a word in his letter quoting the request by McChrystal. Palin has a son who was sent over there; she herself has been over to visit the troops, and until late she has been the governor of Alaska. I think she just might have a little bit more information than Hank.

I have a challenge for Hank. Go visit the troops overseas, put a gun in your hand and stand in the front lines. Then after much deep thought, approach McChrystal and tell him to his face that we do not need additional troops in Afghanistan.

Until that happens, I suggest Hank stay in his "cushy lifestyle" and continue to be the "armchair warrior" that he so vehemently blasted Palin for.

Why Attack Palin?:

In his Oct. 12 letter, "Enlist Palin," Tom Hank prattled that Sarah Palin was unqualified to state her opinion concerning troop numbers in Afghanistan, labeled her an "armchair warrior" (aren't all politicians?) and asked that a gun be placed in her hands so she could do the fighting (she can handle a gun). After that tirade, he disparaged her patriotism and derided her monetary achievement and financial status.

Sounds like Hank has a fairly large ax to gring. Last time I checked, everyone in this country has the right to free speech, the right to oppose the opposition and the right to better themselves through hard work and financial gain. As far as patriotism goes, did Hank forget that Palin's son Track just returned from a yearlong assignment with the Army in the Middle East that she and her husband, Todd, supported absolutely? Sounds like she has a "dog in the hunt" to me.

Palin agrees with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, in his estimation that more troops are needed to support the war effort. Does he lack patriotism also? Was President Barack Obama unpatriotic for adding 21,000 troops to the Afghan theater when he had no prior war experience? I think I've just exited the theater of the hypocritical and absurd.

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