Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snowing Already?

Brrrrr! Where's Global Warming when you need it?

Man, you take a day off and Palin news rains down (well, here it's snowing puffy white flakes) from the sky.

Apparently, that rumor about "Stand Up for Our Nation" is true. Details will be divulged whenever Meg "I'll-Staple-Your-Face-to-the-Pavement-ton" is good and ready. I just wish they would call it "Stand Up for America" instead. It's less clunky.

Schmitty fell all over himself singing Palin's praises. Dude, I know you're disturbed, but you can at least be disturbed in a consistent manner. Is she horrible, or isn't she? Make up your mind:
"I believe to this day that had she not been picked as a vice presidential candidate, we would have never been ahead, not for one second, not for one minute, not for one hour, not for one day."
Too late, buddy, the book's already written.

Oh, let's see, what else... Oh, Michelle Bachmann's star is rising. Her name is often thrown around as a potential VP candidate for Palin. That would be interesting. I, personally, would go for a foreign policy guru, like David Petraus, but I definitely like Bachmann. Guiliani's also in the running in my mind, but we'll see.
And last but not least, Dick Morris was on O'Reilly last night and said everything but the phrase "death panels" while describing certain aspects of the healthcare bill. At least I didn't hear it. Maybe he did and I missed it.

Okay, well, I'm taking another day off. Who knows what will come down the pipe by tomorrow?


Bill589 said...

Tough, tenacious, courageous, fighter . . .
I really never thought I was a sexist, yet these words used to bring up only masculine figures in my mind. Now I associate these words more with Palin, Bachmann, and Liz Cheney.
I know other men have had my subconscious problem. I wonder if some still do. I think glass ceilings are being shattered not only in the physical structure of society, but also in the mind of simpleton men like me.

Kelsey said...

You know, I kinda think that the men run things until they run them into the ground and some woman's got to come in and clean up the mess.