Sunday, October 11, 2009

SP Video Sunday

I was looking through some old Palin interviews this morning, and it occurred to me that these don't get seen often enough. In September of '08, I started watching these to find out who Sarah Palin was for myself. These are the videos that convinced me that the media of 2008 had been lying to me about who Sarah Palin really was. So, I've decided that from now on Sunday is official Sarah Palin Video day. Every Sunday, I'll post one of my favorite Sarah tidbits. What's fascinating is that you can pick up on some of the themes that she's using today in these interviews. Anyway, without further adieu:

Exhibit A: An interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune for an article that appeared in July of 2007. This was the interview that cinched my love for Sarah Palin. After hearing this, I was all in. Listen to her answers specifically about her state Constitution, state money going to Christian schools, and the gay benefits issue. These are her libertarian roots showing through. And this is the kind of platform an Independent could embrace. It's common sense before Common Sense was cool. This interview is the reason I think she could have a tremendous pull with moderates and Independents, if only her message is allowed to get out there. Those who were shocked at her "small-c conservative" Hong Kong speech are those who only listened to what the media told them last year and haven't heard things like this interview.

The article that was written from the interview is here. In part four, the interviewer asks her when she's going to run for President. Keep in mind, this is July of 2007. She hadn't even been governor for a year yet:

Listening to those, you understand why Ted Nugent had this to say about Sarah Palin:


Bill589 said...

I read through some of Sarah’s speeches last year: She says, “My administration” occasionally, and a lot of “we”s and “our”s. She gives a lot of credit to others, even taking the time to name names. But she rarely say’s, “I”. Even in this way, she is the anti-Obama.

Uffda said...

True. She's very much a team player. In another interview she praises the team she's got working with her, says her lieutenant governor is awesome, and she just happens to have her name on the door. In her resignation announcement she said she was pleased to take credit....for hiring the right people. She gives credit where it's due. She's a leader.