Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Video - Palin's Father and Brother Stump for Tarkanian

Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin's father, and Chuck Jr., Sarah's older brother, are in Nevada stumping for Danny Tarkanian, the man challenging Harry Reid for his Senate seat. They took the time for a quick street video interview on Saturday here.

Chuck Heath talked about this trip before on Eddie Burke's radio show here. "I'll stump for anyone to get rid of Harry Reid."


Greg said...

According to Dip Schmidt and his sidekick Murphy, Palin would be a catastrophe, yet Palin's father, brother, and even father-in-law have been invited to stump for candidates outside Alaska. When has that ever happened, except with the Kennedy clan?

Remember, it is a rogue wave that can destroy a ship at sea. I have a feeling that a rogue wave will carry Sarah Palin right to the white house.

Ride the wave, Sarah!!

Uffda said...

Exactly, and her family is involved in nothing political, they're just ordinary citizens.